Posted by: mommyq | November 2, 2004

So many things…

4 weeks 5 days

That are going through my head right now! I have gotten ZERO work done today and cannot stop thinking baby thoughts! I have read so much about pregnancy and having a baby but it is so different when it actually happens…I remember NOTHING!! So, I did a quick refresher on foods that I cannot eat, things that I cannot drink, etc. etc. I had a decaf coffee this morning on the way to work because we had just found out and I wasn’t ready yet to give up my morning coffee! LOL So, I will have to find other ways to wake my butt up in the morning! One of them will be to eat breakfast in the mornings (I am soooo bad for this) and to get up earlier and maybe go for a quick walk.

I feel so special right now. I have been put in charge of protecting something so precious and I want to make sure that I do everything I can to be a good mommy!



  1. nothing caffenated………………………………………….Pam

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