Posted by: mommyq | November 4, 2004

What a wonderfull day!!!

5 weeks 0 days

I woke up this morning and feel fantastic!!

Yesterday was such a horrible day for me. I felt like CRAP all day and to describe it in a nutshell, I felt empty or hollow. You know that feeling when you are coming down with a cold or flu and you feel completely drained of all energy? Multiply that by 50 and that is how I felt.

I started my Materna yesterday morning in addition to the Folic Acid I was already taking. I made a few appointments to meet with Midwives. We are meeting with one November 8th and the other on November 22. Our choices for hospitals to deliver are Scarborough Grace and Markham Stoufville. So, this weekend we are going to stop in at both and check out the facilities!

I have been a good girl and eaten breakfast (cereal) every morning before I take my vitamines. I also now have a drawer full of food at work so that I can snack through the day instead of eating big meals. I am already finding that I get REALLY hungry very quickly but it only takes a few bites of something to satisfy me. I have upped my milk consumption to a few glasses a day. We currently drink 1% but I think I will switch to skim milk so that I get all of the calcium and not as much of the fat!

So, all in all, today is a glorious day!



  1. I am so glad that you are feeling better today.
    Can’t wait to hear about your MW appts!!

    • Yay!

      I am sooo excited about our appointment with the MW. I wish it was an exam appointment but unfortunately it is just an introduction where they show a video and talk about MW etc.

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