Posted by: mommyq | November 7, 2004

I’m in LOVE!

5 weeks 3 days

With Markham Stoufville Hospital. I had no idea that it would be as nice as it was. The first few things I noticed was that a) I didn’t feel like a hospital and b) IT WAS SO CLEAN you could probably eat off the floor. Markham Stoufville Hospital I went right up to the nurse in the labour/delivery ward and just explained that I was a mom-to-be and currently looking at a few hospitals and was hoping to see the facilities. She was very nice and took us on a little tour. They only had one (out of 28) rooms open and it was one of the smaller ones but it was really nice. She showed us the Jacuzzi tub, told us about the Special Care Nursury and explained that as long as rooms were available, the mother and baby stay in the birthing suite for their entire visit. If the rooms become booked up and are needed, mom and baby are moved (depending on insurance coverage) to a semi-private or ward.

Pros: clean, quiet, nice staff
Cons: distance, no waiting room in the maternity ward (only waiting room is the main lobby but, it wasn’t far from the maternity ward)

Scarborough Grace was a hospital! LOL What you would normally expect when you walk in. It was somewhat clean but certainly older and it showed. They focus on homelike birth environments and the rooms come with birthing bed, baby bassinet, rocker/glider chair, and cot or recliner for hubby. They have 2 Jacuzzies. Scarborough Grace Now, the information that I am providing is stricly based on what I have read on the website. I spoke with the nurse at the desk however, she was not as accomodating and said that it was not their normal practice to allow tours or future patients to walk around alone but that I could call and book a tour. I guess they have their procedures but it was such a waste to book a tour since we were already there.

So, our Monday appointment is with the Scarborough Grace midwives and based on the hospitals, we are swaying towards the Durham midwife services. But, I am reserving judgement because at the end of the day, I would be happy at either hospital and the end decision will come down to how we click with the midwife.


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