Posted by: mommyq | November 8, 2004

I jinxed myself!

5 weeks 4 days

I was so happy (and bragging) about not having any morning sickness and then WHAM….this morning it hit me and I almost lost my breakfast in the kitchen! Before today, the only thing that even came close was more than usual gagging when I brushed my teeth.

I had my Life Brand cereal for breakfast as always but this time, I couldn’t finish it all. So, I got up to dump it and then put the bowl in the sink. Just as I was walking out of the kitchen I got hit with it and heaved. I havn’t felt like throwing up since but my stomach is certainly more wobbly than usual. I’m munching on some stone wheat crackers but it doesn’t appear to be helping.

On to other great news. We have the intro with the midwife today at 2PM!!! (I would be more excited if it was with the Markham Stouffville gals!!) I think what I am going to do when we are done is call the other midwives and see if they have any cancelations for tonights info session!! Hopefully we will luck out!

If we cannot get in with the other midwives tonight we may just do that little thing that Dana and I discussed since we have “time to kill” and I am dying to get some reassurance that our baby is happy and healthy!



  1. Woohoo!!

    CAN’T WAIT to hear about the appt today!!

    And make sure you post (or email me) ASAP if you do the covert OP tonight. 😉 Now, just be sure that you want to use up your opportunity at 6 1/2 weeks. You won’t really be able to see much, but it will put your mind at ease…

    Keep me updated Suzie!!!!!!!!

    Love Dane 🙂

    • Re: Woohoo!!

      OK, I updated for you!

      The covert op was a no go, I repeat, the covert op was a no go.

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