Posted by: mommyq | November 9, 2004

One more thing…

I wanted to post about Integrated Prenatal Screening. To give a bit of background, this is basically a screening test that checks for Downs Syndrom, Trisomy 18 and Open Neural Tube Defects. It is a screening and can only tell you if you have lower or higher chances of having a baby with one of these three problems.

Both midwife services mentioned this to us as it is something that needs to be decided soon. Pat and I spent some time discussing this last night but I think we are still on the fence.

So far, my thoughts for both are as follows:

For not getting it done:
Positive result may mean nothing and a negative result can still result in a baby with one of the three problems.
Only way to confirm if the test comes back positive is to have an amnio and with an amnio you have a 1-2% chance of miscarriage.
A postive result can cause undo stress on me if I decide to NOT go ahead with the amnio.
A 20 week ultrasound by a qualified tech can detect markers for the same defects as the screening test.

For getting it done:
Piece of mind if the results are negative.
Piece of mind if the results are negative.
Piece of mind if the results are negative.



  1. I’m so excited!!!!

    Oh Sue! I can’t wait till your appt on Monday!

    I really struggled with the MSS. I didn’t have it done with Jake b/c they didn’t even offer it in Quebec. My OB said that it was not reliable enough. Instead they did the nuchal fold screen at 10 weeks.
    With Josh I decided against it b/c my age (24 at the time) was in my favour. KWIM?
    With Gabe I read and re-read all the info and decided to go ahead with the MSS. The waiting resulted in the longest 2 weeks of my life!!!!!! But once I got the results I was on cloud 9!! The great results paired with the u/s at 20 weeks really put my mind at ease.
    With Natalia, again I agonized about getting the test vs just getting the u/s. I talked with my Midwife about it countless times and came the the conclusion that if there were something wrong with the baby, that I wanted to know before I delivered. I wanted to be prepared at the birth with a neonatal team if needed. I wanted to give the baby the best chance at making it, even if there were serious health problems. My MW said that amnio is not the only option if you get a positive on the MSS. First you will be offered to be tested again, and most re-tests weed out the false +. Then, if you still have a +, you can get a level 3 (or 4) u/s by a specialist to check for markers. Then after all that it is still your CHOICE if you want to go ahead with the amnio.

    Another scenario is…God forbid there is a “soft marker” that is noted on the u/s at 20w, they will use the results from your MSS to determine the likely hood of it actually being a concern. (this happened to your cousin!)

    Okay, I’ll shut up now!

    • Re: I’m so excited!!!!

      No, don’t shut up. It is so great to hear about the test from somebody that has had it done! Because my session was a group info, I have not yet had a chance to sit down and discuss it with my midwife so information (other than what the pamphlet provides) is greatly appreciated!

      p.s. When are you and Oli moving back to the city? I need my back-up support person to be a bit more local! LOL

      • Re: I’m so excited!!!!

        I don’t know Sue!!!! I keep praying we will be transferred before we have to live through ANOTHER Northern winter. Time is running out… AHHHH!!

      • Re: I’m so excited!!!!

        So does that mean that you guys are keeping your eyes open for a transfer? That is good to know! All other times it has been oh, by the way, we are moving to X in 2 weeks! LMAO At least this is some sort of advance notice. But, knowing you guys you will end up in Dallas or something like that! LOL

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