Posted by: mommyq | November 9, 2004

We have a midwife!!!

5 weeks, 5 days

We originally had an appointment with one Midwife service (the one we were not so interested in) but, because of my persisitance I ended up getting us in with the other midwives. I called at about 3:30 and asked if they had any cancellations for their 6PM intro session as we would be in the area and would love to come tonight instead of waiting for the 22nd. I even offered to stand! LOL So, she didn’t have anyone cancel but she booked us in anyway!!

We decided to go with the Midwifery Services of Durham. They are the ones that delivery out of Markham Stouffville so we are having a Markham baby!! LOL

The group info session was great and it was nice to chat with some other preggos before the session. One poor girl has morning sickness so bad that she can only eat bread and cereal. One of the other ladies gaver her a preggo pop (yes, they are actually called preggo pops) that are lollipops with ginger in them to help with M/S.

We didn’t do the “covert” op since we had to be in Durham for 6PM and it worked out OK because I convinced them to send me for a dating U/S which has to be done now. 😀 I didn’t lie either. I do know the date of my last period but with the wedding stress, my cycles were totally wonky last year so I don’t know what my average cycle length is. So, I just made the appointment for my ultrasound for Monday @ 10AM. YAY!!!!

We will get to see our little bean (and it is probablly the size of a bean) and find out when our due date officially is!

Today is a great day!!!


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