Posted by: mommyq | November 10, 2004

I love being pregnant…

5 weeks, 6 days

But man oh man it makes it tough to get going in the mornings!

This morning I put myself behind about 20 minutes because when I was brushing my teeth my stomach decided that it wanted to do flips. And it’s not like you can make up time because you ALWAYS have to have breakfast and you ALWAYS have to take your vitamins and you ALWAYS have to pack food to take to work so that you can much throughout the day. My drawer at work is like a grocery store. I have pudding, crackers, fruit, veggies, water, etc. etc.

[EXTREME TMI warning]
Yesterday I was so bloated I actually looked pregnant. I think the iron in my Materna is constipating me because before this morning, I hadn’t had a good movement in DAYS! I think I might switch to a “bran”ier cereal to see if that will help.
[/EXTREME TMI warnings]

So, my husband thinks we are having twins (no medical reason..just wishful thinking). When he gets up in the morning he says “Morning honey” then kisses my belly and says “Morning babies!” (BABIES! Oh god if I found out we were having twins I would probably faint!)

But, all in all so far I really like being pregnant! I am so excited about my ultrasound on Monday!! I hope that we find out that I am due earlier than originally expected! My due date could be anywhere from June 16 to June 30 or so. Which means, I could be as much as 9 weeks pregnant right now (that is based on ovulating exactly 14 days after my period).



  1. TWINS!!??

    Now wouldn’t that be awesome!? (says the woman that doesn’t have to birth them! LOL!)

    Materna did the same thing to me! All I can say is…bran, bran, bran! LOL! I ate a bowl of Raisin Bran in the morning and sometimes a bowl at night too. If I skipped a morning I really payed for it. KWIM? 😉 Bran is your friend.

    • Re: TWINS!!??

      Yeah, well…if I am having twins…BOTH you and Pat will be seeing my armpit during delivery for even THINKING about it! 😛

      Yeah, I guess I wasn’t prepared for it and now I am paying the price! My tummy was hard as a rock yesterday. I’m off to the grocery store tonight for some Raisin Bran!

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