Posted by: mommyq | November 11, 2004

First self pitty post of the pregnancy…

6 weeks

We went out and bought the Raisin Bran last night on the way home from work. I had a bowl last night and it reminded me how much I HATE Raisin Bran. :::blech::: Then, I had another bowl this morning and was further reminded about HOW MUCH I HATE RAISIN BRAN. So far it has done NOTHING to help with the bloating but I guess it will take a few days. I just feel blech today. My pants are tight and uncomfortable because my stomach is so bloated and I am wearing a long sweater so that I can unbutton the top button as not to suffocate the baby!! LOL

I had the weirdest gas pains yesterday that almost felt like waves in my belly and today, it is just a constant pain. I am not too worried because it is certainly gas pain.

I was a paranoid kid last night for some reason and took another HPT! 🙂 I guess because we haven’t had the blood test confirmation, I just wanted to be sure that the last test wasn’t a dud. The test last night came back positive right away and I felt pretty stupid for wasting the $10!



  1. Hey!! Never, ever feel bad for taking another test!!! That is just one more test you can keep for the memory book!!

    Did I ever tell you (truthfully) how many times I have POAS??? Well, I won’t post it here. LOL!

    • HA!

      I knew I could count on you to understand my paranoia!!

      I have already started mentioning dopplers to my hubby and how cool it will be and how he can even operate the equipment since he is the medic of the family! 😉 I know how to work it! LOL

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