Posted by: mommyq | November 12, 2004

Raisin Bran ROCKS!!!!!!!

6 weeks, 1 days

The bloating is getting so much better! I am almost feeling normal again!

Last night was the WORST sleep I have had since I have been PG. I was up every hour on the hour. Some hours I had to pee, other hours I just woke up for no reason. So, I am a very tired kid today! Thank goodness it is Friday.

After work tonight I am picking Pat up and we are going shoe shopping! A Payless location that we pass on our way home from work is having a Closing Sale and has all of their shoes for 50% off!! I need some “reasonable” shoes as my heels are really starting to bug me! Pat also needs some more work shoes that are comfy but not runners. Should be fun! Then after I may get Pat to take me out for dinner! (Heck..depending on what the baby says, we may have dinner before shopping! LMAO!)

I am enjoying a nice Oh Henry bar right now! My drawer of during the day munchies that I usually have (carrots etc.) is empty and I needed something to give me an energy boost to make it till 5PM! I guess that means no tea for me tonight!! 😀 I was originally craving Cheddar Sunchips but the vending machine is running low on good chips….so, I went for the chocolate!

Well, that is all for the day, I am pretty busy at work today so I better get back to it!



  1. So the babies are making you do things, huh???? Pam

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