Posted by: mommyq | November 15, 2004

Ultrasound Today!

6 weeks, 4 days

The post you have all been waiting for! But, unfortunately I don’t have any pictures. 😦

Turns out we were off on the due date and age of our baby! We are due July 7th and I am 6 weeks and 4 days along only. So, because the baby is SOOOO tiny, the only thing we could see on the ultrasound was the heartbeat!!

It was a very unsatisfying experience and I know for next time to make sure to be vocal and ask lots of questions! We got to Markham/Stoufville at about 9:35 and were taken in at about 9:55 for the scan. They told Pat to wait outside till they did all of the stuff and they would call him in at the end. So, they left me laying on a table by myself for a good 5 minutes. The tech that came in wasn’t very friendly and got right to work. The first thing I asked is if we would be getting a picture today and she said (very gruffly) Lets just see what we have here first. Then, she started the ultrasound and had a very serious very sourpuss face on. Now, I’m sorry but you have a soon to be mom sitting on the table anxious to know that her baby is ok. DO NOT sit there looking like death because said mom’s heartrate will go through the roof!!! Dummy.

About 10 minutes into it she gave me the due date and told me how far along I was. Then, said that pictures cost $10 for 3 but that she didn’t recommend getting one because there really wasn’t anything to see. She then tilted the screen to show me and she was right. All I could see was this little blip on the screen that she advised was the heartbeat. I asked if we could hear it and she said they don’t do that. Stupid me forgot to ask what the heartrate was and she never told me. Once she showed me the heartbeat she got up, handed me a towel to wipe off and left. Poor Pat was still out in the waiting room and I was standing their stupified and stunned that it was all over. I went out and told him what had happened and although relieved that all was good, I could tell he was a little upset at not getting so see anything. So, I thought we could go to the front desk, pay for the picture regardless of what you could or could not see so that he at least had something. Turns out, you have to tell the tech that YES you want the pictures otherwise you cannot get them after the fact.



  1. Darn u/s techs!!

    Ugh, Sue…don’t get me started!!! I really think they enjoy the power trip, I just don’t see why else the techs would be so rude!!

    Now just remember, your original dating may not be that off. An u/s at that stage will have a margin of error of +/- 5 days. Sorry that Pat couldn’t come in with you. 😦 Even though you didn’t get a picture, I know the image will be with you forever!

    • Re: Darn u/s techs!!

      Yeah, I am still a little resentful about her attitude and poor Pat still mentions how he wishes he could have seen it.

      Oh well, 6 more weeks till the screening ultrasound!

  2. That sucks – you’d think that the techs would be trained to deal with soon-to-be moms in a more upbeat way.

    • Oh well…

      Maybe she was having a bad day!

      • Re: Oh well…

        Maybe – but still…you’re next one will be better I’m sure.

  3. The baby kinda looks like…

    I see that the baby takes after Pat (j/j)….it’s amazing to think that there’s all that happening in 5mm. Don’t worry 71/2 more months won’t seem that long once it’s over

    • Re: The baby kinda looks like…

      What is even more amazing (and you will see with tomorrow’s 7 week update) in 7 days the baby doubles in size and has gone from 5mm to 10mm!

      7 1/2 months seems like an eternity!! Hell, the end of the first trimester (12 weeks) feels like forever! I just want to be at 13 weeks because it is getting really hard to keep it from the people that I work with!

      • Re: The baby kinda looks like…

        I’m sure it feels like that now – but when you look back at it, I’m sure you’ll realize how quickly it went. The only thing that will make it seem long is the dreaming and thinking of the baby constantly….

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