Posted by: mommyq | November 18, 2004

7 Weeks – 35 Days after Conception


Thursday’s are officially my favorite day of the week as they are the days I move into the next week!!! 😀

I am feeling really tired today. I think getting up to pee a few times per night is starting to take it’s toll! I have been so good at drinking my entire 1.5L bottle of water each day but it really doesn’t help the pee situation!! LOL I started having some cramping last night but I understand that this is normal. It has lessened today and I don’t have any spotting so it looks good.

Most of my bloating and constipation has cleared up and the pipes seem to be back to normal!! YAY! I did pick up a few pairs of pants from Motherhood but they were just elastic waist pants and not full maternity with the pouch. I figure if I start picking up a few things here and there, it won’t be as big of an expense all at once and I will have them when I need them. The nice thing too is they are drawstring waist and since they don’t have the belly panel, I can wear them with shorter tops and can start wearing them now.

So, time for the 7 week update:

My Body:
If you’ve ever had facial breakouts or acne, I’m sorry to say that you may get to experience this again. Due to the hormonal changes in your body, you may end up with a few breakouts over the next few weeks. It’s okay though. Using a good, gentle facial cleanser and hypoallergenic make-up will keep these to a minimum. And these breakouts will go away either when you enter your second trimester or when you deliver. You may have either gained or lost a few pounds, but are not showing yet. The good news? Your pregnancy symptoms may start to decrease. While the heartburn, morning sickness and breast tenderness may continue, the backaches and headaches usually do subside at least a little after this week.

The Baby:

This week your baby is undergoing some extraordinary changes and developments. The head, heart, spinal cord, and some of the larger blood vessels begin to form. As these blood vessels form, the heart begins to pump fluid through and your baby’s first red blood cells are created. Your baby is about 7 – 9 mm or 0.27 – 0.35 inches in length, (approximately the size of a grain of rice), and weighs about 1/30 of an ounce – less than a breath mint

Your baby’s brain, bladder, tongue and esophagus are all developing and transforming, while his eyes are moving to the front of the face and his tiny eyelids are forming. The bones of his tiny limbs have started to form and all of your baby’s major organs – heart, intestines, kidneys, liver, lungs and pancreas — are forming and growing. In fact, your baby actually goes through 3 sets of kidneys during development with this week’s development being the second set.

Both the hand plates and the genital tubercle are present this week, but you can’t tell whether it’s a boy or a girl by sight at this point. Nasal pits are also forming. In your womb, your baby has already become active swimming around the amniotic sac and kicking. However, as he’s much too small and well-cushioned by the uterus and the new amniotic fluid you won’t be able to feel him yet. But don’t worry. In a few months you’ll be able to feel him constantly.

This is a great picture I found showing all the baby’s 2000 parts! LOL
Baby – 7 Weeks

Are you 7 weeks pregnant? Check out’s week by week calendar to learn more about you and your baby.



  1. Hey Sue,

    You guys must be so excited!!! It’s such an exciting time, make sure you guys enjoy every minute of it!!


    • Thanks Cath,

      We are pretty excited. Patrick always makes sure to say good morning to the baby (or babies as he refers to them) when we wake up! LOL I just want to get to the 13 weeks point so that I can relax, stress a bit less about everything and really enjoy every minute!

  2. 7 weeks! You are half way through your 1st tri!! Yippee!!

    So…it seems you have a smart little bean in there, it already knows how to tell Momma to lay off the coffee! Funny, I knew sooo many women that had an aversion to coffee during their pregnancy. I wonder why I still craved the stuff while pg? Signs of an addict?…nah!

    • Yeah, I wish the little bean wasn’t so smart! 😦 I miss my coffee and how nice and sweet and satisfying it tasted in the mornings (and afternoons and evenings). Smart little baby also has an aversion to cigarette smoke. I cannot walk past a smoking section without gagging. What it does seem to like is graf and sarmi! LMAO At my urging, my mom made me a big pot of graf and I froze it in tupperware so I have it handy!!

      • What can you say – the bean knows what is good for the bean!!

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