Posted by: mommyq | November 19, 2004


7 weeks, 1 day

I am pooped again today!

I told Pat this morning that we are going to have to go shopping this weekend and get a new bed and matress. The one that we have is a double and OLD AS SIN! I knew it was going to need to be replaced soon because it is really starting to sag and dip but I am now very accutely aware of it.

So, since we have to buy, we are thinking of moving up and getting a good quality King size. Since a good quality matress can last 8-10 years, we figure it is a good investment to go King now because we will need the room when our kids are around 2-8 and jumping into bed with mom and dad on occasion.

I am hoping to find some deals at Sleep Country but it looks like a nice matress is going to cost between $1,500 – $2,000 (EEK) then we will have to find a bed (and/or) bedroom set because I don’t think we can sleep on the matress on the floor! LOL Not looking forward to the splurge but I think we need to just bite the bullet and do it because I am tossing and turning all night which wakes Pat up as well so we both end up looking like racoons in the morning.

Enough of that, lets get on to the pregnancy stuff. Not much new to report. Other than being tired I feel pretty good most of the time. I am still constantly worried and wondering if everything is ok in there but that is just my paranoia because I have had no spotting, no major cramping or any other indications that anything is wrong.

I booked the appointment for Phase 1 of the prenatal screening. We will be having an ultrasound on December 30th @ 3PM! Our New Years present will hopefully be a picture of our babe! On that day I will be exactly 13 weeks so we should be able to get a good shot!

This is what the baby will look like at 13 weeks:

AND, if I can convince my hubby, we could even get the tech to tell us sex at this point!!!!

This ultrasound is used to measure the nuchal translucency which is the amount of fluid in the back of the babies neck. Babies with abnormalities tend to accumulate more fluid in the first trimester.



  1. Wow..

    This baby stuff is very technical eh? Glad to hear you’re feeling good – besides being tired and stuff. I got all excited when I scanned and saw that picture. I was going to say that I was shocked at how much the baby grows in a week.


    • Re: Wow..

      LOL Yeah, we have super baby that grows from alien to baby in 3 days!! LMAO

      Hopefully today is mattress day!!

  2. Mattresses are so expensive! We bought a mattress back when we were in MTL and I still remember how ridiculously expensive it was. Worth every penny though…
    Have you checked out Costco for the mattress (they have good quality ones for pretty cheap) and IKEA for the bed frame?

    Sorry you are so pooped today. 😦 Try and rest when you can…

    • No, we are hoping to hit Costco today as well. We went to Sleep Country on Friday and they have some decent prices and great guarantees on their mattresses.

      I’m trying to rest but my body doesn’t like it! LOL It is 9:03 on a Sunday morning and I have already been up for a little over an hour! 😦

      • pdevine

        You also may want to try the Leons and Brick – right now they have their holiday sales on. We picked ours up pretty reasonably. One of the guys at work picked up his new one for a song at…..I don’t remember where 😛 Oops. I can find out tomorrow if you haven’t chosen one yet.

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