Posted by: mommyq | November 21, 2004

Here I am…

7 weeks, 3 days

up and at em at 9AM on a Sunday morning! 😦

I had some strange sharp pains last night right before I went to bed on the right side and they now seem to have changed to a dull pain. I remember reading that this is the week sciatic nerve pain may start but looks like that usually starts in the lower back/butt region and shoots into your legs. It could even be gas pains that I am experiencing but I am just too tired to tell! LOL I will just keep an eye on it and if I still have it tomorrow morning, I will call my midwife.

I found this really great website this morning with Fetal Developement pictures!! They are some of the most amazing I have ever seen!!

I will show off the pictures up to 8 weeks because I think I am going to use these images for teh rest of my updates:

At 2 weeks (shows the sperm about to fertalize the egg):

and then 30 hours after conception:

The size is no bigger than the head of a pin!

Here at 4 weeks:

It is similar to one I have posted before but this points out all of the parts!

And, at 7 weeks..this is what our baby looks like now:

Sorry to post so many pictures but I just find these so amazing and awe inspiring!



  1. Looking like a baby now

    That really is amazing – how it changes this week to resembling some sort of human life and not something that resembles something that is not nice to say 🙂 Too bad this week doesn’t label the parts as I don’t seem to see the tail anymore

    • Re: Looking like a baby now

      Yeah, at this point the tail is turning into padles (leg and feet) and you can sort of see them in this picture right below the big honking heart! LOL

      • Re: Looking like a baby now

        I hope the horn is no honking – no wonder you can’t get ANY sleep 😉

      • Re: Looking like a baby now

        I meant to say I hope that the heart is not honking –

  2. Couldyou tell me the website you got those pictures off of the ones that point out exactly what each part is??? Thanks Wanted to explain something to DH.

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