Posted by: mommyq | November 22, 2004

7 weeks, 4 days

I will preface this journal entry with “everything is fine and the baby is ok!”!

I still have the sharp pain on my right side so last night at about 6PM I called telehealth and she advised that because it was still constant pain I was best to go to the ER. As I was not spotting or bleeding, they put me in as less-urgent so we had a nice sit in the waiting room. There was a poor sick lady that came in a little later and she must have had a flu or something because she sat there for half an hour puking her guts out. The sound of her retching almost made me lose my dinner all over the waiting room floor.

It was about 8PM or so before the sent me to a room. We were seen by the nurse right away (a nice lady with 4 KIDS! LOL) and she did all of the blood pressure and temp stuff again. When I first got to the hospital my BP was at 160/90 because I think I was a little freaked out. However, on the second check it had come down to 140/80 so they were happy about that. At this point I was feeling dehydrated in in desperate need of some water but I was not allowed to eat or drink anything so I suffered. I needed to pee so I asked the nurse for a pee cup. I figured they would need a sample and since I was going, I wanted to get it out of the way. Well, as soon as I saw the pee, I was pretty sure that I had a UTI. It was cloudy to the point where I could not see through it at all.

When the doctor finally came in at 9PM, I showed him my pee, told him about my UTI in September and that my pee was very similar. He agreed but still did the poking and feeling around. My right side was SO sensitive to touch I thought I was going to jump out of the bed. He then sent me back to the waiting room and said he would come out and see me once the results were back. Well, 11PM rolls around and the results are finally back. To my suprize and the doctors, the results came back negative for everything. So, no UTI, no kidney or gall stones etc.

He basically then said we (meaning I) should monitor it for a few days and then if I still have pain in a few days to come back. (Yeah, thanks!)

I have a call in to my midwife so we shall see what she says…



  1. Oh my goodness!

    What an awful thing to go through. I really hope everything is ok. Think positive and if the pain is still present, insist on getting tests again.


  2. At least the post began in the right way….

    If the tests came back negative I’m sure that everything will be okay – but he had no clue? Here’s to hoping that the pain goes away and you have a problem-free remainder to the preganancy!!!

  3. Oh Sue, I am so glad that everything was okay. I agree with Cathy, get checked out again if you are still in pain. What did your MW say?

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