Posted by: mommyq | November 23, 2004

My midwife called me back again…

She just got into the office and was able to look at my file and confirm that my ultrasound showed a small ovarian cyst. She called home and spoke with Pat so I got the news from my hubby.

She explained that as of Nov 15 it was small and that cysts are very common in pregnancy and normally they will burst and be done on their own but I may need to go into the ER and have it removed if the pain becomes unbarable.

I feel much better knowing that it is not serious and although I may be in for a world of pain, at least I know that there is no harm to the baby! Plus, the pain will be good practice for labour and delivery! :::faint:::




    Cysts are very common. I know my mom had them throughout all of hers (came up when my sister had to go in for surgery on her cysts).

    Good News!!

    • Re: GOOD NEWS!

      Yeah, I am glad to know. I just wish the pain would go away and I could be done with it! LOL

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