Posted by: mommyq | November 24, 2004

I have the best husband!

7 weeks, 6 days

Patrick has been amazing!! When I get home he makes me put on my jammies and then makes me lay on the couch and props my feet up with a pillow! LOL He rubs my feet, he massages my neck and rubs my back at night before we go to bed.

He has pretty much made dinner every night since I found out I was pregnant but with me being in pain the last few days, he has really stepped up to the plate. He spent all day yesterday doing laundry and cleaning up around the house so I wouldn’t have anything to do when I got home. He made dinner, cleaned up after dinner and loaded the dishwasher. He packed the leftovers in tupperware so that I could have them for lunch today and then sat down to fold some laundry.

But, as much as I am enjoying the special treatment, I really hate being useless. But, whenever I try to help I get sent back to sit down. I told him last night that I feel like a useless boob and he said “Your making a baby, that is the most important job ever!”

Nothing new to report on the baby front but I just wanted to post about my great hubby who deserves a pat on the back!! I think I might go down to the mall today and get something so I can suprize him tonight with a little gift.



  1. Hi Sue and Patrick congradulations i am so happy for you. Dont worry about the cysts it will be fine, comes with the pregnancy just stay off your feet, let Patrick do the work, thats what husbands are for.

    Teta Mila

    • Thanks!!! We are pretty excited!!

      And, Pat has been doing a good job of making me feel like I can stay off my feet so I am lucky!

  2. Pat is a super daddy/husband. How sweet is he for taking care of you?!?! Good for him!!! I’m happy he’s reminded you of how important your job as the momma is!! -san

    • He is wonderful and I couldn’t have asked for better!

      I got him a DVD that he had wanted yesterday and gave it to him last night! He wondered what it was for and I said “for being the bestest husband ever!” LOL Positive reinforcement is good!

  3. It’s a good thing…

    It’s a good thing that you found a husband so understanding and worried about your well being! Sit back and relax, he’s right. Enjoy the downtime you get and cherish these moments you spend alone with him because in a couple of months it will all to a fantastic end!

    • Re: It’s a good thing…

      We have been trying to enjoy our time together! Last night he was going to drop me off at home and then head over to your place but I went along for the ride so we could have some alone time. He had a coffee, I had a hot chocolate and we talked and talked. It was nice.

      • Re: It’s a good thing…

        Well it’s important for you to feel connected – I’m glad you guys are making the effort! Happy mommies help make healthy babies!

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