Posted by: mommyq | November 26, 2004


8 weeks, 1 day


Tonight my hubby and I are having date night! He is working Saturday – Thursday and then next Saturday as well so we are having a full fledged date night tonight. We will probably get take-out, decorate our tree and watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Pat’s new DVD) while cuddled on the couch. Even though we see each other every day, it is still nice to make special time for each other. We used to do Friday night date night at least every other week but I don’t think we have had once since before the wedding! (EEK!)

So, I have been a bit swollen the last couple of days. I have noticed it in my fingers because my rings are feeling tighter than normal. I am cutting as much salt as I can out of my diet and drinking tons of water so I am hoping that this will help!

I had a bad “gag” morning today. Honestly, I wish there was a way to brush your teeth without having to stick the damn toothbrush in there. It seems to be getting worse. Before, it was only when I was doing the back teeth but now it seems like I gag the minute the brush crosses my lips! 😦

I also had a craving a few days back. I had brought left over pasta for lunch but at about 10:30 I got Montreal Smoked Meat in my head and I couldn’t think of anything else!! I barely made it to 11:30 and went down to Druxy’s and ordered a Montreal Smoked Meat with Swiss Cheese on Dark Rye with Dijon mustard and it was the BEST sandwich I have ever had!! It was SO good that I actually had a big grin plastered on my face the whole time I was eating! Pregnant women are weird! LOL



  1. How Romantic 🙂

    Good for you and Pat!! Just be glad you’re not gagging on the sandwiches 😉 What would you do then?

    • Re: How Romantic 🙂

      Yeah, I have been pretty lucky with the no morning sickness. I have been able to enjoy my food and not have to worry about it coming back up.

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