Posted by: mommyq | November 29, 2004

Mmmmmmm, Mandarin

So, Mandarin was everything that I had hoped it would be! LOL Except, we realized while eating at the Pickering location that the Birchmount location is WAY better and in future we will only go there.

Driving home on Friday I was thinking about the Mandarin torpedo shrimp and I just knew I had to have some. I couldn’t remember the verdict on cooked shrimp and I didn’t have a computer around so I called the all knowing Dana. She was great to inform me that as long as it was cooked, I was ok!! We talked about how wonderful food is when you are pregnant and it made me happy to have somebody that understands me! LOL

So, in Mandarin I skipped the salad and went right for the shrimp! LMAO I loaded my plate with Torpedo shrimp, tempura shrimp, an egg roll and some fried rice. Got back to the table and realized that I forgot my plum sauce so went back out to grab it. That was when I saw the corn and knew I had to have it so I grabbed another plate (a smaller one this time) and grabbed a few pieces of corn. Pat just laughed when I got back to the table with my plum sauce and corn!

Pat finished off his salad and cold shrimps and went up for some hot food. He came back with this shrimps that had a skewer through them and were made on the grill. They had this red looking sauce on them which was a touch spicy. I made him give me one and it was SOOO good (messy..but tasty as anything) that on my next trip up I filled the plate with the grilled shrimp. When I was at the grilling station I noticed that they had pan fried SALMON! Now, I am not sure if I have posted about this before but I have been CRAVING salmon pretty much since I found out that I was PG. However, salmon can contain high levels of mercury (which is bad for you when you are PG) so it is best to have very little of it. But, this was fate as I don’t think I have EVER seen salmon at Mandarin. So, I grabbed a small piece. Eating it was heavenly as I finally got to fulfill a craving that I have had for almost a month.

I ended my Mandarin dinner with a nice big salad from the salad bar and it was perfect!

Well, enough about food….

My weekend was pretty eventful. Pat was working Saturday and Sunday so I did some grocery shopping on Saturday with my mom (we hit Costco, Dominion and Price Chopper!). Saturday night we met a few of Pat’s fellow instructors for a holiday dinner celebration. We left at about 10pm because I was tired from my day of shopping and he had to work on Sunday. Then, Sunday I spent the day with Laura working on updating her website. As usual the weekend went by quicky and I found myself thinking it was Sunday this morning! 😦

So, now, getting to the crazy emotional pregnancy stuff! LOL This morning, as I was driving to work, I started thinking ahead to being in labour and delivering the baby. Well, I guess I have a pretty vivid imagination because I started to well up at the thought of it and that turned into full out crying (tears of joy of course) while I was driving. Hell, I am welling up right now just typing this! I am a sap normally but this pregnancy has turned me into such a crying dork!!! I actually cried watching Back to the Future on Sunday…BACK TO THE FUTURE!!!

Weepy signing out!



  1. Glad you had a good weekend

    Glad to hear you had such a good weekend. Just the thought of that food had made me hungry so now I’m off to find something to nibble on!

  2. Oh Sue,
    I am LOL at how you cried to Back to the Future! Too funny. 🙂
    Know what is killer? The Johnson and Johnson’s “Having a baby changes everything” ads. I am not even pg and I sob when I see those! LOL! Just a warning! 😉

    • OMG!

      That is not a nice link to send a pregnant lady to!! I sobbed. Especially at 7lb 6oz. (but it wasn’t as sad as Back to the Future!!)

      Pat was laughing yesterday after reading in my journal. He said to me, “Is there even a sad part in Back to the Future??” LOL

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