Posted by: mommyq | December 1, 2004


8 weeks, 6 days

I think my side pain is back! 😦 It is in the exact same spot and it is the exact same pain. I am wondering if it didn’t go away and is now irritated somehow. It started at about 10AM today so I will wait out the day and see if it is just maybe gas pain or something silly like that.

I really cannot wait to get to the 13 week point because I am such a nervous nelly. I cannot stop thinking about this baby and praying that all is well. I don’t really have any morning sickness and at first I was glad but now I wish that I did because it would at least be an assurance that all was still well! LOL My midwife was very pleased with my 6 week ultrasound and advised that once the heartbeat is evident, the risk of miscarriage drops considerably but I still cannot wait till my appointment on December 13th because I want to hear that little heart beating and get some more assurances that all is well.

I also post on some pregnancy boards and I LOVE them because they are such a great source of information and it is nice to chat with ladies in the same boat and going through the same emotions, however, at the same time, there are women on there that have miscarried, are having complications etc. etc. and I find these posts sooooo disconcerting!

On to happier thoughts, Christmas is almost here and I am very excited. We have not yet started our shopping but we are normally one dayers. We make a very detailed list and spend a day out shopping and then an evening wrapping. We are hosting a Christmas Eve dinner for our families and I am really excited about it. I found a fantastic recipe for the Turkey and Coscto carries great Spiral Hams that are super tasty and no brainers to cook. I was originally thinking of brining the Turkey which is very much the “in” thing to do this year but I found a no fail recipe that my friend assures me always turns out fantastic so I am not going to waste my time with the mess and time of brining!

This weeks crazy cravings:

Ice Cream – I still love the stuff. Something about the creamy goodness that just sooths me.
Chestnuts – I have not yet fulfilled this craving but I cannot stop thinking about yummy roasted chestnuts.
Pistachios – I have been good and limited myself to one handful per day to control the salt intake but I could easily eat the whole bag!!



  1. Hi Sue,

    Try not to worry too much (I know, easier said than done). I had a corpus luteum cyst with 3 of my pgs and they are painful!
    I wish we were going to be in town for Christmas Eve. 😦 The dinner sounds yummy!!!

    Love Dane 🙂

    • Ahhhhh Dana! My source of invaluable information. With you having 4 kids, it is a comfort to know that I probably won’t experience anything that you haven’t already been through!! LMAO I spend lots of time in Gabe and Natalia’s pregnancy journals as it is nice to follow along and see where I am at! LOL Speaking of, when are Josh and Jacobs going up? LOL NO PRESSURE! HA

      • LMAO!!! I’m working on it, really, I am!!! I am not even totally done Gabe’s yet, but I hope to be done all of them in the next week or so… (promises, promises!);)

        Hope you are feeling better today.

        Love Dane 🙂

      • OK, next week or so I can handle! LOL

        I am still in pain today. I wanted to give it 24 hours to make sure it wasn’t gas so, since I am still feeling this way, we will probably go into the ER tonight and see if we can get an ultrasound done to determine how big it is. My only concern is that not all hospitals have emergency ultrasound and we will have to wait till tomorrow to see anything. Do you know if it is mandatory for all hospitals to have a U/S tech on call?

      • Hmmm, not sure about the u/c tech. I am sure they would need one available to rule out an emergency, you think?

        Anyway, just checking in to see if your pain subsided or if you went to the hospital tonight…

        Update your journal lady!!!! LOL!

        Love Dane 🙂

  2. Message Boards

    I agree, sometimes being on the boards is very depressing. There are a lot of sad things that happen to people and they have to remind people who should be happy about them constantly. It’s to make them feel better – but makes you feel worse.

    The fact is that your midwife is “very pleased” with the ultrasound. She’s the professional who knows your unique situation. Trust that!

    Hey! I have the perfect solution. Whenever you start to worry sing “Sue’s
    Favourite Things” —

    Roasted Young Chestnuts and Creamy Ice Cream…
    Handful of Pistachios and a beautiful Dream….
    Salmon that shows up at the Mandarin…
    These are a few of Sue’s Favourite Thin…gs!!!!!!!!!!

    • Re: Message Boards

      LOL…that song cracked me up!

      I completely respect and support a womans rights to post about stuff that is going on and as my journal has proven to me, it is very theraputic and helpful. I could completely just skip over those threads because they are always pretty clearly marked. But, curiousity gets the better of me and I open them every time without fail.

      • Re: Message Boards

        Don’t get me wrong – it’s a great place to vent…as I well know…

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