Posted by: mommyq | December 3, 2004


I am updating to so I don’t get in trouble with Dana!! 😀 (She can be MEAN YOU KNOW! LOL)

We went into Markham Stoufville ER today to get looked at and everything is good. They drew some blood and tested my beta levels which were at a nice high 48,000 (this is the level of hCG in my blood). The low end for 9 weeks is 25,000 so that is a good number. They did an ultrasound and we got to see our baby!!! I had been really nervous because my sharp pain on the right turned into crampy pain all over this morning so I was concerned that something more was happening. But, when the tech turned the screen towards me I felt a sense of relief. Because it was an emergency u/s, they didn’t do pictures but, it actually looks more like a baby now (kind of like a blurry baby outline! LMAO) She showed me the heart beating and this time I remembered to ask about the rate. Our babies heart was beating at a nice high 176 BPM! I then asked if Pat could come in so she went to call him. It was so cute because as soon as he got in the room and got into position, the baby started to move and it looked like it was dancing around! I was just in awe because it was perfect! This u/s totally made up for the last one because we got to see our baby together and it is a moment that I will never forget.

The tech confirmed that the baby was measuring 9 weeks, 2 days (one day ahead) and that all was well. They could still see the cyst but the tech said it was a normal size.

So, the doctor gave me a clear bill of health and sent me on my way. We spent about 2.5 hours total in the hospital which was not bad at all considering they did blood work and sent me for an ultrasound.

Well, I am off to have a rest, put my feet up and relax. The doc suggested taking it easy until the pain subsides as it may just be my body telling me to slow down.



  1. Thanks Sue!! I was wondering about you all day today. 🙂
    You better not do that again, or fear the wrath of DANA!!! Grrrrrr!! LMAO!

    So glad to hear all is well, and that Pat got to see your little one!!! Woohoo!!!

    Love Dane 🙂

    • HA HA HA! The wrath of Dana. You know you don’t have one mean bone in your body but it was a nice attempt! LMAO

      Pat was so happy. It took them a while to get the “official” stuff done and poor Pat said he was out in the waiting room thinking to himself, NICE..they forgot about me the last time and I am going to miss it again” and just then the tech came out and said “Mr. Quinn”. LOL He was facinated the most with seeing the heart beat. And then when the baby moved and looked like it was dancing, we both just laughed and laughed.

  2. At least everything is alright!

    • Yes, my biggest worry was that there was something wrong with the babe. Knowing that all is ok makes it easier to handle the pain!

  3. I’m so glad everything turned out ok 🙂


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