Posted by: mommyq | December 9, 2004

The Mattress from HELL

Before I get into baby update, wanted to update on the mattress fiasco! So, if you don’t want to hear about it…skip up to the next entry which is the baby update! LOL

We were originally expecting delivery of this mattress Tuesday – between 3PM and 9PM. Well, when I called the office to book the elevator Tuesday morning, I was told that there are no deliveries allowed after 8PM. So, Pat called our sales guy and advised him that the delivery time had to be changed to before 8PM. He said he would take care of it but never called us back to confirm. So, at about noon, I called and spoke with The Brick Customer Service and explained again about the delivery time. They said no problem and that she would call it into the Rexdale location (where all of the deliveries run out of). Pat was home Tuesday so he completely dismantled the bed and bagged up the mattress and box spring as the delivery guys were taking it with them. He receives a call at 4:30 from the delivery guy stating that the delivery will happen anytime from 7PM – 10PM! So, he reminds this gentleman about the 8PM rule at the condo and that it HAS to be before 8PM. The guy replies with..”we will try”. So, at 8:13 our phone rings and it is the delivery men. I explain that they were supposed to be in before 8PM and that I don’t think security will allow them entry. They show up at 8:23 and of course, they are told no deliveries after 8PM. So, Pat and I pulled the mattress out of the bag, put it on the floor and slept VERY uncomfortably.

Skip to the next morning, I telephone Customer Service and speak with somebody, explain the situation and attempt to schedule the delivery for Wednesday from 4PM-8PM. The first thing she said to me about the last night delivery was “they showed up at 8:06”. In the context of the conversation we were having she was basically saying “they were only 6 minutes late”. So, I said “NO, they telephoned me at 8:13 and then did not arrive at the building until 8:23. But, that is besides the point because 8:06 is NOT before 8PM as we were promised.

No problem..they put a note on the file and off we go again. Since Pat had to leave to pick me up at 4PM, my mom came over and stayed at our place until we got back. Again the delivery drivers called at 4:30 and said they would be there between 6PM and 9PM. My mother explained AGAIN about the deliveries and how they had to be in and out of the condo before 8PM. Again they said “we will try”.

So, at this point, I almost lost my mind. The thought of sleeping on that mattress for 1 more night was UNTHINKABLE. So, I called our sales rep and asked him to get to the bottom of this. I wanted him to telephone the driver and EXPLAIN the importance of our delivery being made before 8PM. He called the driver and left a message as they did not answer. He then called me back and said “I’ve left a message so hopefully they will be there before 8PM. You are 5th on the delivery list so it will depend on how quickly the other 4 deliveries go.” This is great customer service right?

To make a long story short, the calls from the rep kept going on until he finally told me that a) he couldn’t guarantee anything, b) it was our fault because on Monday night when we purchased the mattress we said a delivery from 3PM – 9PM was ok. (Even though I had phoned 4 times after that starting Tuesday morning to make a change to that information) and that c) there was nothing that he could do. This conversation went till about 8:05 when I got a beep on the other line. It was The Brick customer service (for some strange reason NOT the driver) saying that the driver was running late and did we still want the delivery. I again EXPLAINED the story and said NO and that I wanted to schedule another delivery ASAP as I was going to have to sleep on the floor for a SECOND night in a row and that I wanted to be in my new bed on Thursday night and what we she going to do to ENSURE that that happened. And, god bless her heart because she was the first person that we have dealt with at The Brick that has provided us with any form of Customer Service. She did not blame me, she did not blame my husband and said she would do what it took to make sure we were satisfied. She asked me what time on Thursday I would like to have the mattress delivered. I explained that my husband was hope after 1PM and that we would like delivery before 6PM to avoid any late shows or mishaps. She removed the delivery charge from our bill for our troubles and said that if I had ANY problems to give her a call as she would be in at 9AM Thursday morning.

So, the mattress has not yet been delivered but I have already received a call this morning from the Customer service lady confirming again that delivery was scheduled for 1PM to 6PM and that she would call me back in 45 minutes to give me a more exact time!

So, I won’t hold my breath yet but things are looking good for us FINALLY getting our mattress today!



  1. Glad to Hear it

    I was wondering why no more posts about the bed extraordinaire! Now I’m glad I didn’t ask 🙂 Here’s hoping you will sleep in your new bed tonight

    • Re: Glad to Hear it

      Yes, we FINALLY have it and it was the best sleep evah!

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