Posted by: mommyq | December 10, 2004


Well, after the hell we went through to GET the mattress, it is like a little slice of heaven!!

It was supposed to have arrived between 4PM and 6PM. Pat got a call from the driver at 4:30 saying that they would be there between 7PM and 9PM (no..I am NOT kidding..I couldn’t even MAKE this shit up!). I called Customer Service, she called the driver and then called me back at 5PM saying that our mattress was JUST being loaded onto the truck and that we were the first stop so, it would be after the 6PM originally promised but it would be arriving BEFORE 7PM. 6:30 rolled around and I called Customer Service JUST to make sure that they were still on schedule. According to her, the drivers had not entered a number into the system where they could be reached so she had to make a few other phone calls to find out where they were. At 7:18 we FINALLY received a call from the drivers stating that they were 10 minutes away!!! They arrived at approximately 7:30 and did not say a word to us. It was OBVIOUS that they had chosen to do their own thing for the deliveries and we were NOT the first stop. I was pissed but at that point just happy that it was here and we were getting it brough up to our unit.

They had everything unloaded in one shot (they also delivered the free TV and DVD player we got with the mattress purchase) and took our old mattress. They were out before 8PM.

The sheets that I had purchased (with a 15″ pocket) fit very nicely so I was able to throw them in the washer. (I didn’t want to wash them on the off chance that I needed a deeper fitted sheet). We had the bed all dressed and ready for sleeping at about 11PM and can I tell you, it was so comfortable that I am shocked we were able to get up this morning! I was sprawled out on the mattress and there was still a gap between me and Patrick. I had no idea that it would feel as roomy as it did. I am in love! LOL



  1. Watch the “S” words on your baby’s site 😉
    He or she may read this some day!!



    • I figure as long as the “S” word isn’t our babies FIRST word, we are doing OK!! LMAO

  2. Everything works out in the end

    Isn’t it funny how things work out so well – hope you’re still sleeping in your cushy new bed. (11 am on Sunday)

    • Re: Everything works out in the end

      It was close. I woke up at 10:00 on Sunday morning and Pat slept in till 10:30. That is a far cry from my usual 8PM wake-up on the weekends so I was pretty happy about it!

      • Re: Everything works out in the end

        Did you mean your 9am???

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