Posted by: mommyq | December 16, 2004

11 Weeks – 63 Days after Conception

I cannot believe that I have been pregnant for 11 weeks! I am so exciting about getting to the 13th week milestone and a mere few weeks ago it seemed like an eternity and now, it is a few short weeks away!

You are now 11 weeks pregnant (63 days after conception), which is the beginning of week 12. Your baby is now around 5 cm long (or 2 inches) from crown to rump and weighing about 8 grams (or 0.28 ounces). Nearly doubling in size during the last week! By the end of this week your uterus will grow up out of the bones of your pelvis. If you see your caregiver around this time for your first pregnancy visit, they should be able to just tip the top of your uterus (called the ‘fundus’), by feeling your belly. If they use a special Doppler machine, they may also be able to detect your baby’s heartbeat and let you hear it for the first time!

If you want to listen to the sound of an unborn baby’s heartbeat, you can click here.

Your baby now has the early components of sucking and swallowing (although not mature until 24 to 28 weeks) and their taste buds are mature enough to taste the amniotic fluid that surrounds them. Your baby’s kidneys are now functioning and secreting fluid into their bladder. Fluid they will soon pass as a type of ‘urine’ into the amniotic fluid. This cycle of swallowing and urinating amniotic fluid continues up until birth.

Did you Know?
It is now known that the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby changes flavour depending on what the mother eats (such as sugar, garlic or curry). Observations of unborn babies have demonstrated that they swallow more frequently when surrounded by sweet tastes and swallow less fluid if it tastes bitter or sour.

Your baby now starts breathing amniotic fluid into their lungs. This strengthens the muscle under them (called the ‘diaphragm’) and allows your baby to regularly practise rhythmic expansion of their lungs. Their stomach now produces gastric juices and they have about 20 baby teeth in their gums.

Your baby’s sex organs are still developing but their typical male or female characteristics are not yet obvious to the naked eye. Under the influence of increased testosterone for boys (or the lack of testosterone for girls), the sex organs now start to take their individual shape. The gonads move into place as either testes or ovaries, the ‘shaft’ of tissue in the middle either enlarges to become a penis or reduces in size to become a clitoris (usually by 15 weeks) and the bags of tissue on each side become either scrotum or labia.

Your baby’s movements now become more coordinated and purposeful. Although not common, a few women will sense their baby moving as early as 12 weeks. Regular movement is now important for your baby’s growth and development. Without it their muscles would waste, their joints would seize and their bones would become brittle and liable to break. Therefore movement of some description will now become a daily part of your unborn baby’s life (when they are awake!)

Are you 11 weeks pregnant? Check out’s week by week calendar to learn more about you and your baby.



  1. DeannaN from Weddingbells here – I love to read your updates it prepares me for what I am going to be coming up to in the following weeks!

    • Your welcome! 🙂

      Time will start to fly soon. I remember complaining about it moving soooo slowly but each week now seems to go by faster and faster!!

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