Posted by: mommyq | December 21, 2004

Dana and Oliver…

are in town and they hosted a little get together last night.

We were the last ones to show up (7PM) but as usually we closed down the party. I think last year we stayed till about midnight but this year, since I am pregnant, we were allowed to leave at about 10:30! LOL

It was so nice to see them and the kids and we had a great time catching up. Natalia is cute as a button and was fashioning some very stylish sparkly jeans! Gabe has grown up so much…he gets bigger every time I see him! Josh is quite the little charmer and he spent the evening mingling with the ladies and chatting us up. Jake is the strong and silent type (except when you get him going in French) but he will always offer up his head for a little kiss!! Oliver is his same old self, picking on everyone and genuinely enjoying everyone’s company! Then there is Dana. I can officially say I don’t like her any more. She has the nerve to pop out FOUR kids and looks better now than she did when I first met her.

I am counting the days down, I am off Friday so I have 3 more days to go and then a nice cool 1 week off! I am really looking forward to it! Pat is home today so he is finishing off the last of our Christmas shopping! I will have to fight the mall today to run down and pick up his gifts. I know it is bad but I still have not gotten him anything. The list has been done for months it is just a matter of getting it!! I didn’t want to get anything too early because he is a snoop but now we are down to the wire and I have been putting it off because the mall is insane! Last night I had a nightmare that it was Christmas morning and I was in a panic because I hadn’t gotten his gifts!!!! I think that is a sign that I should get it done today!! LOL



  1. Wasn’t it a great night on Monday? It was so nice to see Oliver and Dana and the kids! Their family is just beautiful and you are right, Dana looks amazing, you would NEVER know she had 4 kids!

    You know what, I haven’t gotten Billy’s gift either. I know what I’m getting him though. I was out doing my remaining Christmas shopping on Sunday but I never got around to going to the store that sells his gift -> it was just SO COLD (wasn’t it awful on Sunday?) that I just wanted to get home and warm up! I am hoping to go out tonight to get it, the good thing is that it’s from a specialty store so I don’t have to go into a mall!!

    See you Friday,


    • It was great seeing you as well on Monday STRANGER!!! Too bad Billy couldn’t make it!

      Be thankfull that you don’t have to go to the mall…it is getting SOOO bad. I say this every year but next year with the baby, I am going to do it…I am starting my X-mas shopping in June and getting it done before November!

  2. Oh Suzie, go on!! You make me blush!

    It was sooooo great to see you guys!! Man, I just hope that we get transferred back home soon…

    • I hope so too! It was so nice to see you guys!

      I miss the days when I could pop in at a moments notice!! (with Timmies of course!) Hopefully before the snow melts you will be back in the Shwa!

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