Posted by: mommyq | December 30, 2004

13 Weeks, 2nd Trimester Begins

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I know I have not updated in while but with the holidays, I have not gone near the computer is a week!! We had a wonderful christmas and visited with family and friends. Our get together on Christmas Eve was a HUGE success. The turkey turned out better than I had hoped! (Plus we have TONS of left overs!)

On to baby matters…we have our 13 week ultrasound today and we are VERY excited!! We should be getting our first baby pictures today!! After the U/S we are going up to Sudbury to spend a few days with the crazy Kuzmanovskis! LOL

Now, on to the UPDATE:

13 WEEKS – this is the start of the 2nd trimester which means I am 1/3 of the way there!!

You are now 13 weeks pregnant which is the beginning of week 14. Your baby is now 9 cm long (or 3.6 inches) and weighs approximately 50 grams (or 1.75 ounces). Many women notice a renewed burst of energy by this stage, but may feel concerned because they do not experience as many obvious signs of pregnancy (and it is too early to feel the reassuring movements of their baby yet). You may need to loosen the clothing around your waistline now, but at this stage many women say they feel they just look ‘fat’, rather than pregnant! From here on in, your baby will grow quite rapidly and in the coming weeks your belly will quickly ‘pop out’!

Your baby’s body now grows more rapidly than their head. If you see your caregiver, they should definitely be able to feel the top of your uterus (called the ‘fundus’), by feeling your belly. If they use a special Doppler machine, they should also be able to detect your baby’s heartbeat so you can hear it!

The placenta is now producing most of the pregnancy hormones, particularly progesterone. Progesterone is responsible for many of the physical changes during middle pregnancy, such as increases in skin pigmentation, lowering the blood pressure, increasing constipation and possibly causing bleeding gums or nosebleeds.

Your baby now has a gag reflex and their nose and nasal passages are fully developed.

Did you know?

Until recently, scientists did not think that unborn babies could ‘smell’ because this probably depended on breathing air. However, it is now known that the amniotic fluid surrounding the baby passes through their mouth and nasal cavities, possibly triggering their sense of smell. A newborn baby is naturally drawn to the smell of breast milk after birth, even though they have no previous experience of it. It may be that they are cued for this before birth!

Are you 13 weeks pregnant? Check out’s week by week calendar to learn more about you and your baby.



  1. Have a great time up north!

    Phase 1 complete! Moving on to Phase 2, with lots of new exciting (and more visible) changes – YAY!

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