Posted by: mommyq | January 7, 2005

A tribute to my husband!

I have decided to dedicate today’s journal entry to my wonderful husband!

Our new nightly ritual involves a shower so we are nice and clean getting into our new bed and as of late, includes my husband giving me a nice back massage before bed. I find by the end of the day, my poor muscles just ACHE. Pat gave me a massage one night and I raved about it so much the next day, he decided that it should become part of the nightly routine. (LUCKY ME!)

Then, last night, I came home to a special treat. Pat had the table all set for dinner (including candles and mood lighting). I was made to sit on my keister while he prepared an AMAZING dinner. We started with French Onion soup (made from scratch), the main course was steak topped with mushrooms, baked potatoes, sauteed veggies, and sauteed garlic shrimp. We then ended with a nice big salad with all the fixins. By the time dinner was done, we had just enough energy to clean up and load the dishwasher and then we both crashed on the couch for some cuddle time and to enjoy a nice food coma! LOL Then, dessert (yes, we still found room for dessert a few hours after dinner) was some yummy cinnamon rolls! Mmmmmmmmmm.

Then finally, at about 10:30, I got my massage, curled up under the covers and drifted off into a nice sleep. I think for a pregnant lady, this equals a pretty perfect day! LMAO



  1. Hi Sue!!!

    Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry that I didn’t return your call on the weekend 😦 What’s up?


    • I was just calling to book you guys for dinner at our place!

      Give me a call when you get a chance!

      • Wow, dinner sounds great! When were you thinking? Let me know and I’ll check with Billy.

        I too am fighting a nasty cold and feel like crap. Hope we both feel better soon 🙂


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