Posted by: mommyq | January 11, 2005

I had my first baby dream…

Last night I had my first baby dream and it was A GIRL! LOL

In my dream she was about 5 months old, LONG and SKINNY (thinking of delivery, that is sweet news to my ears), and I was breastfeeding. The scary part was in my dream, I was pregnant AGAIN! (YIKES!!!) Yes we want to have our children close together but that would be a little too close together! LOL

I am feeling like crap today. I have been fighting a cold for a few weeks and I think my body has finally given in as I was so sick this weekend and had a migraine from hell yesterday. I have also been having REALLY strong round ligament pains in my belly that are driving me batty! Those seem to be better today but they come and go. Also, I am getting really annoyed with the morning retching. I have learned to no eat anything before I brush my teeth (to save from throwing up) but without fail when I brush my teeth in the morning I retch for a good 15 minutes. This upsets my tummy which doesn’t settle till about noon time. My back is starting to ache. I would have figured that it would be my lower back due to extra weight but my shoulders and shoulder blades seem to be where I am feeling the ache the most. I may see if I can find a chiropractor that specializes in pregnant ladies and start making a weekly visit.

I just wish I could go to bed and wake up when it is time for labour! 😦 But, I am just cranky right now… I know it will all change once I can feel the baby moving and get to experience some of the niceties of being pregnant but, right now, I am going through all the crappy stuff with no goodies to balance it out! 😦



  1. All the crappy stuff will end (hopefully not with the delivery) and the nice stuff will come (again, hopefully not with the delivery) LOL.

    Hope you feel better

    • I am feeling much better now! I still have a sore throat but I find it only bothers me in the morning when I first wake up and is gone by the time I am done my shower!

  2. It is very well known in the “Quinn” family that our babies come very close together, usually about 13 months apart. Sean and Dallas are 13 months apart, Carolyn and Maureen are 13 months apart and Patrick’s Aunt Patricia had Erin and Shannon 13 months apart! If this is not in your plans BE CAREFUL! All the best Mom Hartshorn…

    • Thanks for the warning mom!! LOL

      I will be sure that we take EXTRA precautions!

      • Sue, I can totally see you and Pat welcoming your new baby home, when only a couple of months later you find out that you’re pregnant again!!!

        Your mother-in-laws statements are very interesting (haha)


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