Posted by: mommyq | January 13, 2005

15 Weeks

So, before I get into the update for this week, I have a funny pregnant story to share:

Last night I was driving home from work when my husband called. He wanted me to pick up some pasta sauce on my way home as he wanted spaghetti for dinner. So, I made a stop at the Loblaws on the way home. Now, usually on my drive home I get peckish but I hold off till I get home and have a little snack while diner is being made. So, I knew that stopping at the grocery store was a BAD idea! LOL As I am shopping, I am looking for snack items and I come across some mini pepperoni sticks. I then see some mini baby bell that would go great with my mini pepperoni and finally, I add a cheese baguette to the mix. I get in the car and before I take off, I prep my little snack in the passenger seat on a plastic bag so that I can eat it while driving home (because at this point it is after 6PM and I don’t think I can make it home!) So, this pregnant lady managed to snack on mini pepperoni, baby bell and a baguette while driving the rest of the way home in a downpour! LMAO I had a nice little picnic in the car.

I was about 3/4 of the way home when I looked down at the passenger seat and it dawned on me that I was officially a freak! LOL I called Patrick and told him that he is to NEVER again send a hungry preggo lady to the grocery store by herself!

On to the UPDATE:

You are now 15 weeks pregnant which is the beginning of week 16. Your baby has grown to around 15 cms in length (or 6 inches) from head to toe, or about 10cms (or 4 inches) from ‘crown to rump’. They probably weigh about 120 grams (or 4.2 ounces) and are more in proportion physically, but their head still accounts for about 1/3 of their body.

When lying down, the top of your uterus (or fundus) can now be felt hearly half way between your pubic bone and belly button. Women who have had a baby before may start to feel small sensations of their baby’s movements this week, but this is more common between 18 and 22 weeks.

A few women start producing colostrum from their breasts after 16 weeks to 20 weeks of pregnancy (although this does not happen for every pregnant woman and is not a reflection of your ability to breastfeed your baby). Colostrum is the first fluid a woman’s breasts produce. It is a clear or creamy-yellow substance that is syrupy in consistency. It may be possible for you to hand express drops of colostrum from your nipples during pregnancy. Or you may notice colostrum leaking.

Your baby’s vocal chords are now formed and they now make different facial expressions. They can grasp with their hands and suck their thumb and may explore the inside of your uterus with their hands. If your uterus is pressed from the outside, this may produce a small startle response in your baby. One of the many normal newborn reflexes present after birth.

The amniotic fluid increases around your baby, so they move freely, floating like an astronaut in space and their umbilical cord is now completely mature. The cord contains two arteries and one vein, enclosed and protected by a thick gristle-like substance called ‘Wharton’s Jelly’. This makes the cord slippery and allows it to move freely around your baby and avoid compression.

Did You Know?
The cord contains no nerves (similar to your hair or fingernails) so when it is cut after the birth there is no pain experienced by either mother or baby.

Your baby is now bigger than their placenta, but you could still cradle them in one hand.

Mommy Note: Could somebody that knows (DANA!!) explain the last part to me? The baby is bigger than their placenta?

Are you 15 weeks pregnant? Check out’s week by week calendar to learn more about you and your baby.



  1. LMAO!! Sounds weird, but it’s true!!! The placenta only grows for a short period of time, it remains about the same size during the rest of the pregnancy. The amniotic sack (membranes) keeps growing (or stretching) along with the baby for the remainder of the pregnancy. The placenta is what is attached to the uterine wall and is what supplies the blood and nutrients to the baby.

    Did I make any sense at all??

    Here is a diagram of the baby on the right, surrounded by the amniotic fluid and membranes. The placenta is on the left of the baby…Can you believe babyQ is getting as big as the placenta!!???

    • Oh, and I was LMAO at your little car picnic!!

    • OK, my dumb then. I thought the placenta was all the way around the amniotic sac (membranes) so I didn’t understand how that could get bigger but not the placenta. See, I thought it was like say an orange where the outer rind was the placenta and then the thinner lining around the orange was like the membrane. But, it makes more sense now! LOL What would I do without you! 😀

      • I never really understood it fully till my MW showed me my placenta and the membranes after I had delivered them!!! Soo gross, and yet soo interesting!
        We actually took pictures, but I will spare you…

      • Thanks Dane!! I actually managed to find another great picture and now it TOTALLy makes sense to me:

        You rock!

  2. When you go down to the car today…’re in for a big surprise

    At least with the pouring rain, it was a private freak moment. I love the idea of a pregnant picnic – it sounds lovely 🙂

    I was shocked. When I read 15 cms that’s the size of one of the old plastic rulers that came in my geometry sets in school – that’s getting big!

    Can’t wait to see the rest of the updates….

    • Re: When you go down to the car today…’re in for a big surprise

      Yes, apperantly our baby is now the length of a small zuccini! LMAO It is crazy how fast the baby is growing now! I have my 2nd midwife appointment next week and Feb 11th is our 19 WEEK U/S! I cannot wait!

      • Re: When you go down to the car today…’re in for a big surprise

        counting the days Suzie!!!!!!! 5 days to go!

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