Posted by: mommyq | January 17, 2005

What a morning!!

It’s not even 11AM and I am ready for a NAP already!

This morning started off so nicely! While I was taking my shower and getting ready for work my husband (who was not working today) was in the kitchen making my lunch for me! We were chatting and he was telling me how he was working Wednesday and Thursday and we were figuring out the car situation. We also talked about my midwife appointment and getting into Markham Stouffville one morning this week to get my bloodwork done. It was then that a weird look came on Pat’s face and he ran for the office. All I heard at this point was “Holy F*&%#!” Turned out that he wasn’t working Wednesday and Thursday he was working Monday and Tuesday!! So, here were are with it being 8:15 and his course was starting at 9AM!!!!!!

So, we jumped into action and loaded up the car in two trips and managed to get out the door in 15 minutes!!! He was teaching at North York Civic Centre but had to pick up the materials at Dufferin and the 401!! There was NO way we were going to make it! So, he called into the office to see if anyone could run the materials over to him and thankfully, somebody was available! First disaster averted. They were also able to get in touch with the students at North York and advise that the instructor was running late. The traffic was CRAZY on the 401 and Yonge Street was a nightmare. We ended up getting to the Civic Centre at about 9:15! It then took me 45 minutes to get to my office as I had no alternative but to take Yonge Street into the downtown core.

What a morning!

Our weekend was pretty busy. We did some house hunting and came across a really nice townhouse in Ajax.

Click here for details and picture

The rooms were a bit small for our liking so I think we may extend our search to Whitby as well to see if we can get a bit more BANG for our buck. Alsoa, the property taxes in Ajax are CRAZY. This townhouse, which was 1200-1300 square feet with hardly any property was $2500.00 per year! I thought that property taxes in Whitby were bad but it looks like Ajax is equally as high.

What we have decided is we do want something newer (less than say 5 years) as the older ones that we looked at had so much work to be done in terms of windows, kitchen cabinets, etc. etc.

We hope to look at MANY more next weekend as this weekends outing was sort of a last minute idea. I need to speak with an agent and get her to book us a day out!



  1. That’s a very nice looking townhouse guys!


    • Thanks Cath!

      We are just excited to FINALLY be shopping and ready to buy! Nothing kicks you in the butt to get stuff accomplished like a baby on the way.

      Hopefully we can get into something by May at the latest and then we have some time to paint and decorate the babies room!

  2. Nice looking house. I thought that I’d maybe already responded to this post – but I don’t think I did. If you get into something by May, that will leave you both plenty of time to prep for the little Quinn child.

    • Yeah, that is what we are hoping for! We are planning to give ourselves a few weeks of having the condo and the house so we can go in and paint without having to sleep there. THat way, when we move in, all the paint fumes will be GONE! 🙂

      The only sucky part is having to wait to decorate the babies room! I want to do it now! LOL

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