Posted by: mommyq | January 19, 2005

Had my midwife appointment last night….

Had a great appointment last night with my midwife.

We got to hear the babies heartbeat! It was the most amazing sound ever and it is something that I will never forget! (Yes, I am getting all weepy eyed right now just thinking about it!) The heartbeat was a strong 159 beats per minute and we could hear the baby moving around! LOL She found the HB very faintly at first, then we heard the rumble of the baby turning and then the HB came in full force and LOUD! I guess baby wanted to be heard!

The appointment was with midwife #2 who we had yet to meet and she was very sweet as well. So, we have now met with both of our midwives and are SUPER happy with our decision. They are both very easy to talk to and appear to know their stuff! She poked and prodded me for a bit, took my blood pressure, and answered all of my questions.

Before each of my appointments when I get into the office, I am supposed to pee on a stick that measures protien, glucose and ketones and report any non normal results and weigh in. The glucose stick came up a light green color which indicated trace amounts of glucose in my urine. She was not concerned with this as my standing glucose blood test came back normal. She said I may have just consumed more carbs than normal that day.

Appointment Stats:
Weight Gain: 2lbs since last appointment and 4lbs in total
(it FEELS like I have gained WAY more than this! LOL)
Blood Pressure: 140/75
(this is fairly normal for me as I have always been one of those people that tests higher at the doctors office! LOL)
Heart Beat: 159 BPM



  1. Very exciting stuff!!!

    Can’t wait to hear more about it on Saturday!


    • Yay! I am so glad you guys are coming on Saturday. I don’t think we have had you guys over since we have moved! Shame on us!

  2. Wow that is cool – I was thinking I might be able to hear the heartbeat yesterday when I had an appointment but they said nope they wouldn’t check till 12weeks and I of course was just 11. They did a physical internal exxam though and I :feel” like I am supposed to for 11 weeks so that was good to hear.

    Anyhow I am glad that things are going well with your pregnancy.

    Fellow weddingbeller DeannaN

    • It was great and something that you will never forget! My first MW appointment I was about 11 weeks as well. She tried to find it but no luck so I was really looking forward to this appointment!

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