Posted by: mommyq | January 21, 2005

Blood suckers! :(

I had to go into Markham Stoufville this morning for the 2nd (and last) blood test for my IPS. So, we should have the results in 2 weeks!!! I really hate getting blood taken but thankfully it was only one vial this time so it was relatively quick and painless.

Besides, I was distracted on this visit with the patient in front of me! He was a brand spanking new little one (and I mean LITTLE..probably about 6lbs). He was decked out in a white hat (I LOVE BABY HATS) and a white bunting bag that had a hood with little ears! I told Pat that I was sad that we couldn’t dress our baby up in one of the furry hoods with ears but I don’t think our baby would appreciate being taken home in one of those in JULY! LOL

The baby was fast asleep in his car seat but I was entertained watching his every little facial expression. How do new mommies get any sleep? The tip is to sleep when the baby is sleeping but how are you not tempted to just stay up and watch? I swear I could watch a sleeping baby for hours without getting bored.

Ok, enough gushing and gooing over a baby that I don’t even know! LOL

Did anyone else read about the baby that was born (via C-section) at 16.7lbs? My face drained of all color while reading this article:

Giant Baby

According to another article I found on the baby, the mother had Gestetional Diabetes that was left untreated which cased the HUGE size of the infant.


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