Posted by: mommyq | February 2, 2005

Finally able to sleep again…

Well, now that we have some good information, I am ready to share the goings on of the last week.

On Thursday (yes, the day before my birthday), I received a call from my midwife. She was calling to let me know that the results of my Integrated Prenatal Screening had come back and there were some concerns as some of the results were elevated. To give a bit of information, the IPS is a test that involves blood to be drawn at 13 weeks and at 16 weeks and this data together with an ultrasound are sent to the Genetics Lab who runs the information in their super computer and spits out your odds of having a baby with downs syndrome, trisomy (13 or 18), neural tube defects and IUGR (interuteran growth retardation).

So, based on my data, I had an increased risk of a neural tube defect. When the baby forms in the early stages it is similar to an open coat that will close up and literally zip up starting from the forehead and going down along the spine. With a neural tube defect, the skin does not zip completely and the baby is left with a hole or gap where the brain or spine are exposed. Another concern based on the results was IUGR (interuteran growth retardation) where the placenta and umbilical cord are not functioning properly and the baby is not receiving the proper nutrients. This can lead to small and/or underdeveloped babies.

Not great news to receive the day before your birthday. I spent most of Thursday night curled in a bawl crying my eyes out but Patrick and I decided that we would wait until we knew more before telling anyone. My midwife put in a call late Thursday afternoon to get me booked in at Mount Sinai for more detailed testing. I was supposed to hear about an appointment Friday morning but as it turned out, Mount Sinai advised us that they had a 2 day turn around for booking appointments. So, I was stuck having to wait through the weekend. Then, Monday afternoon they called my midwife’s office and advised that they could not see me as they had a LONG patient list. I continued to rip out my hair. God bless my midwife she was able to call Lakeridge Oshawa (another genetics centre) and managed to get me in yesterday!

So, yesterday morning we went off to Oshawa for our 9AM ultrasound. I was a bucket of nerves and almost lost my breakfast a few times that morning. The U/S was a long one as they measured and looked over EVERYTHING. They don’t allow the husbands in until the end so it was just me and the tech for about 35 minutes. She then had to go and show the results to the Dr. to see if he wanted to come in and look further. She was gone for about 15 minutes and by this point, I was just beside myself as she had not really told me much.

Finally she came back to the room with my husband and let us know that the baby was measuring perfectly and that everything looked great. She then spent another 15 minutes showing us our baby. I thought I saw a penis but it turned out to be the umbilical cord. She was unable to tell us the sex as the baby was breech and had its legs crossed but she said she didn’t see any male parts. She gave us a few pictures (which I hope to scan and post tonight), a print out of the report and sent us up to genetics.

The genetics department was a weird place. We had to go through a private door and we walked past departments like Infectious Diseases etc. We spent about an hour with the genetics counsellor who went over our IPS results and our ultrasound results.

Now..on to the GOOOD news:

Based on the U/S, they were able to completely dismiss an IUGR problem as the baby was measuring perfectly in every measurement which would not be the case if the growth was being restricted.

Based on the U/S, there were NO visible neural tube openings and she explained that the smaller a tube opening, the less severe the problem. Basically if there is an opening at this point, it is very small and/or covered with skin. In these cases, the baby would require surgery upon birth but there would be no long term effect on motor skills.

In order to completely rule out a NTD, we had the option of an amniocentesis. With this procedure, the insert a thin needle through your belly into the amniotic sac and remove a few teaspoons of the fluid. This fluid can then be analyzed and can with 100% accuracy reveal any genetic problems, NTD and the sex of the baby as they test the actual DNA of the baby. However, an amniocentesis also comes with a risk of miscarriage (1 in 200). So, we took our leave from the genetics counsellor and went down to the cafeteria to have a drink, call our midwife and discuss our options. Based on everything that we were told, we decided to forgo the amnio and instead we will be going for a Level II ultrasound on Monday as this will be able to give us a better look at the spine and head to further rule out minuscule holes.

I am feeling great about the results and about our decision to pass on the amnio. We got home yesterday afternoon and since I had been sleeping so badly the last few days, I crashed and slept like the dead for a few hours. Then, last night I had what I can only refer to as the best sleep in my life. So, I am feeling good today.

On another positive note, I think I may have felt a kick last night from the babe. We were sitting watching TV and all of a sudden I had a SHARP pain on the underside of my rib that took my breath away. I don’t know for sure, but it may have been the babe giving her mom a KICK for being such a worry wart! 😀



  1. Hi Sue, I’m really sorry that you guys had to go through this. I know what it’s like to wait for news when you are sitting there thinking the worst possible thoughts. I really wish you would have said something on Friday night. It was nice though that we went out and hopefully got your mind off things for at least one night.

    I’m glad that things are looking up….Please keep us all posted and you’ll be in my thoughts.


    • Thanks Cath. We just didn’t want to worry anyone unnecessarily! 🙂

      Friday was exactly what I needed and I enjoyed every minute of it!

  2. What a relief Sue! I am thinking positive thoughts for your level II on Monday. {{HUGS}}

    And a big woohoo on your little babyQ kicking you!!! That is the ONLY thing I miss about being pg. enjoy:)

    • Thanks Dane!

      The kick was such a strange feeling but it was very cool!! (I bet I won’t be saying that when it happens at 4AM! LOL)

  3. Sorry you had such a terrible time….

    I’m glad to hear everything is okay – what a horrible thing to have to consider. At least you’re now well rested and ready to be kicked some more….


    • Re: Sorry you had such a terrible time….

      Thanks Pam. We are really happy with the results and are anxiously awaiting the last U/S. (where we hope the baby will cooperate so we can start shopping for pink or blue!)





      Up until we had the U/S there really wasn’t much to tell as they simply said there may or may not be something wrong.

  5. I am glad everything worked out….

    I am glad everything worked out, Everything will be fine, don’t stress yourself.

    Thinking of you guys and the baby..


    • Re: I am glad everything worked out….

      Thanks Teta!!

      How are you guys doing? I don’t think I have seen you since my wedding!! I thought we would have seen you at Christmas but you guys were off lying on a beach somewhere! LOL

      • Re: I am glad everything worked out….

        I know we have been busy.
        I am so glad everything is working out for you. Just relax and enjoy the pregnancy everything will be fine.

        Teta Mila

  6. Hi Sue,

    I am glad to here everything is ok. Being able to shop for the pink or blue is the best part!!

    Thinking of you,

    • Thanks Stef!

      Hopefully we can start the shopping on Monday!! 🙂

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