Posted by: mommyq | February 4, 2005

So, this baby is either moving up a STORM or I have the worst case of gas in the history of my life! LOL

I started feeling LOTS of flutters last night and it hasn’t stopped since. Basically it feels like butterflies or nervous stomach but then every once in a while, I get a sharper more pronounced feeling either right below my belly button or right below my rib or right down by my pelvic area. I think it was because of this strange feeling that I slept SO badly last night and was up to pee about every hour. So, I am not feeling so hot today and just want to crawl under my desk and take a nap! Thank goodness it is Friday because I am going to be early tonight and getting some good Zzzzzzzs.

We have e-mailed off all of the stuff to our real estate agent so we should be going house hunting tomorrow afternoon!!! So, hopefully we will see something that we like and make an offer! I am really hoping that we will have purchased something by mid February. For our condo, we need 70 days notice and we are hoping to have a closing date mid month so we have a few weeks to clean and paint before we have to move out of the condo.

Exciting times!!!



  1. That sounds like how people describe the baby! That is so neat!

    • It is very cool!! Betch you cannot wait huh??

      The only down side is that hubby is feeling a little left out! LOL Everytime I make mention that I felt something, he is right there trying to feel. I know that he wants to experience everything right along with me so I cannot wait till the day that he feels the kicks as well.

      I already told him that when I was further along, I would be sleeping with my belly to his back so if the baby kicks me at 4AM, he gets to get woken up by it as well! 😉 LOL

      • Good plan for later! Murray is always trying to talk to my belly and I find it extremely cute – later once I feel movement I am sure he will be just like you hubby and trying to feel way before it is possible!

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