Posted by: mommyq | February 8, 2005

So, I have gotten ZERO work done today because I have spent most of my time online looking at pink stuff!!!

After the ultrasound yesterday we met with our agent and did some more house shopping. We found THE PERFECT home but unfortunately, the vendors won’t close until August 5th and we want into a house BEFORE the baby arrives. So, the hunt continues. I cannot wait to get into a house and start decorating my baby girls room!!!

So far, these are the ideas that I have liked based on my searches:

This is my favorite but I fear that it might be a bit to bright for a baby’s room.

This one is cute and calming but I don’t like all of the GREEN in it.

This one is nice and bright and would still allow me to do something more subtle for the walls.

I also had an idea to do a theme room of Anne Geddes Art because I really love her stuff however, I am finding it hard to find bedding that would work with this.



  1. Well, I’ve already voted (I don’t have a smiley for nosey! LOL!), but I’ll vote again!!
    Love the 1st one!

  2. Bright Smright!

    Nothing wrong with the first one – I think it’s fantastic.

  3. I think the top one is definately the best! It will be nice and unique and I like the brightness of it. Too much pale makes me gag!

  4. I really like the first one too! The dark trim is really nice.


  5. Where did you get the photos?

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