Posted by: mommyq | February 11, 2005

Strange cravings!!

So, I think with this latest story, I can officially top the charts of weird.

For breakfast this morning I had liverwurst on white bread and washed it all down with a SPRITE! LOL I don’t know what got into me. I opened the fridge to see what I wanted to have for breakfast and the minute I saw the tube of liverwurst, I was convinced…I HAD to have it! And of course, because of the strong taste of liverwurst, I needed something bubbly to wash it down so I grabbed the Sprite.

I cracked open the can and I could hear Pat from the bathroom “did you just open a can of pop for breakfast??”

Me: “No, don’t be ridiculous. I’m also not having a liverwurst sandwich for breakfast either.”

The only logical explanation I can think of is that my body was craving iron or something. Lord only knows!

The things I have been craving this pregnancy:

Pickles – I could (and do) eat them ALL the time. Pat and I discovered Bics Quarter Dills and they are the best pickle EVER! They are just perfectly juicy and the right amount of garlic. Unfortunately, they are hard to come by…so, if you ever see them in the store and are a pickle fan…I suggest you pick up a jar!

Beets – This was a strange one. I remember having beets as a kid and never really thinking much about them (neither liked nor disliked) but one day, we were at Highland Farms and I had to buy a jar because I wanted them so badly! I ate them once and have not touched the jar since!

Montreal Smoked Meat – In my first trimester I went to Druxys about 4 times for this sandwich and I remember how happy it made me when I ate it! LOL

Watermelon: Winter watermelon stinks and costs $9 but I bought it and ate it. Cannot wait till the summer months when the watermelons are nice and sweet and yummy!

Canned Peaches: Another thing I don’t ever eat but for some reason, I am really enjoying during my pregnancy.

So, all in all my cravings (other than the liverwurst at 8am and the beets) have been fairly normal and not too off the wall.



  1. Wierd cravings

    Hi hunny bunny……very funny this you.

  2. Howdy Doo


    When you get a minute I need to ask you a quick question about Dora’s bridal shower. Did you get your invitation yet? Let me know.


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