Posted by: mommyq | February 14, 2005


Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!

My dear hubby is making me a nice valentine’s dinner!!! I have not had his homemade lasagna in ages so I made a special request. YUM! I am really looking forward to it!

On Saturday we went to Costco to do our shopping and ended up finding that they are now carrying bed frames again!!! So, we grabbed one as they were only $39.99 (The Brick wanted to charge us $120 for a bed frame when we bought our mattress) so I am glad that we waited. It was easy to set up but OMG our bed is SO HIGH now! It was high to begin with because of the pillow top but now that we have added the frame, the bed comes up to my butt so I almost have to hop to get into it! LMAO

Then, since we cleaned and shopped on Saturday, we got to enjoy a NICE lazy day on Sunday. We are trying to get as many of these in as we can as we know this is a luxury that will come to an abrupt end on July 8th!! We did duck out to Wal-mart for an hour to pic up our picture CDs. We took all of our wedding negatives in last week to have them put onto a picture CD. We figured this would be great as we could burn and give out copies and then anyone that wants prints/enlargements can take them in for processing and we can safely tuck our negatives away in a safe. They messed up the CD however so it had to go back in for processing! It should be ready this evening!!

Nothing new to report on the Sydney front other than I have an appointment with my midwife tomorrow (the regular monthly check-up) but based on our new scale (that we also bought at Costco) I am up 4lbs since my last appointment (1 month ago)!



  1. Picture CD – what a great idea

    The picture CD is a great idea – we did the same thing – except since all our photos were digital to begin with, we were able to make them ourselves.

    We’re still trying to get our bedframe issues sorted out – maybe tomorrow (I’m crossing my fingers).

    Good luck with the m/w tomorrow!

    • Re: Picture CD – what a great idea

      Yeah, we have been meaning to do this for some time but as with everything else, never enough time in the day! LOL

      You STILL have not figured out your bedframe issues? This is going on 2 months now no?

      • Re: Picture CD – what a great idea

        Nope – ongoing since our anniversary in October – well technically since we moved here (3 years ago). We got a new one for our anniversary – which Pat broke and then in January, it was defective. He was going to take it back, but with the accident, we couldn’t get it to Markville – so….here I am mid Feb still waiting. But with Pat finishing at a decent time tomorrow, he can take it back then after work.

        I’m just making my hubby some special Vday dinner – Should get back before it burns 🙂

  2. Happy Valentine’s day!! Dinner sounds YUMMY!!! 😛

    • I cannot wait!! I will be sure to give a full report tomorrow! (Well, a full report on dinner ONLY! 😉 not the rest of the smoochy goodness that comes with V-day!)

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