Posted by: mommyq | February 16, 2005


Oh boy do I have an update for you all today! LMAO LOTS of stuff went on yesterday so I will try to cover it all!!

First off….my MW appointment:

It was pretty routine with question and answers first and then getting checked out:

Appointment Stats:
Weight Gain: 4lbs since last appointment and 8lbs in total!
Blood Pressure: 120/80
Babies Heart Beat: 110 BPM – this is a bit low, but my MW said it was most likely due to the fact that I had been lying on my back for some time before she found the heartbeat

And, it looks like I get another ultrasound! The last thing my midwife wants to check due to my higher AFP results is the placenta. She is not sure why they didn’t check it the last time so she is sending me back tomorrow! More pictures of the baby!! (now if only I could get my scanner working!) I am hoping to get a nice gender shot of her girl parts for that extra reassurance that the last tech and my eyes were right!

So, now, on to the interesting update!

Not the greatest of timing but not a total surprise, my job at Cadillac Fairview is coming to an end. In the middle of last year, we transitioned from a Gift Certificate program to an outsourced Gift Card program so I have been working since the transition to close off all of the old books and get everything finalized. Well, this is relatively completed so, my last day here will be March 5th.

Since I don’t think I will be able to find something FULL time being 5 months pregnant, I am going to be doing some temp work between now and my mat leave. The nice thing about this is I am hoping to find something in the Scarborough/Durham area so I can eliminate my commute to downtown each morning. Also, it gives me some flexibility in NOT having to work 5 days per week which will be nice as I continue expanding!



  1. If you really want to get the US scanned, let me know, we’ve got a flatbed scanner at home.

    I had wondered what was happening with your job – its too bad they couldn’t extend it for an extra couple of months – just until you had to go on mat leave. It could have been worse though 🙂 Like you said, at least you have the flexibility of working less if need be

    • See, it actually works out well because if they extended it, I would be getting my package right before mat leave and would not qualify for mat leave at that point.

      So, it all worked out for the best I think!

      • I didn’t realize that – well at least you’re going through it first and can tell me all the things no one else knows to tell me 🙂

  2. Hey Sue, that’s pretty good timing with the job thing because now you’ll really have time to prepare for the baby and find a new house and get it all ready before July……I really hope they gave you a good package because I remember how much overtime you put in and how much travelling you did to get the Gift Certificate program going. You know what you should do for a part-time job? Hit the real-estate agencies, you have experience there and it’s not really stressful.

    Yes, try to scan an Ultrasound picture, I’d love to see it!


    • I was thinking about real estate I just remember it didn’t pay very well (well, it did for us because we were still in school! LOL).

      I have some feelers out with temp agencies to do some part time stuff so we shall see how it goes!

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