Posted by: mommyq | February 23, 2005

We are a sick family! :(

Hubby and I are sick sick sick this week!

Today is my first day to work as I have been home coping with major sinus congestion, cough and a touch of what may be stomach flu.

I had to take my dear hubby (who has been saying he is NOT sick for the last two days) to the ER in the early morning as we feared he may have tonsillitis. Turns out he just has a really nasty throat infection that is causing his throat to swell up.

So, he is home today resting. He had a course that he was teaching today and tomorrow but had to get a replacement instructor at the last minute (5AM) to take his place. So, I had to take the training kit over and drop it off for the replacement instructor. Well, turns out this guy didn’t bring anything and was expecting to be provided with Pat’s stuff. Thankfully it was all in the car but, he didn’t offer to help me bring it all in so I found myself lugging all of the stuff up to the room. Then, this jerk off goes through and says he doesn’t need 1/2 of the stuff and I can take it back to the car!!!!!!! I was NOT a happy camper!

So, today is NOT shaping up to be a good one! I am officially grumpy! LOL



  1. What an ass, I can’t believe he didn’t help you!

    You should have said something, you’re pregnant and don’t need to be lugging around all that crap! Ok, so that was my vent for the day 🙂

    Hope you both get better soon 🙂


    • Yeah, I wanted to say something Cath, but, I bit my tongue because this is somebody that Pat has to work with on a regular basis. But, I did get a good vent in on the phone with hubby AFTER I left the place.

  2. I agree, that guy is a jerk!!

    Hope Pat is feeling better soon..:(

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