Posted by: mommyq | February 25, 2005

My dauhgter the Verizon Gal!

So, my darling daughter (I LIKE the way that sounds) decided last night that she wanted to audition to be the Verizon Wireless Guy! All I got from her last night while I was trying to sleep was

Can you feel me now mom?

What about now?

Can you feel me now?

Can you feel me now?

My insides feel bruised! 😦 LOL I had to wake Pat up at 5:30 to rub my belly as that always seems to get her to settle down. I fear we will be having a very HYPER child!

So, I don’t want to JINX us but we are putting an offer in on a house today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had a few options that we were hemming and hawing over but in the end decided on this one. It is a bit smaller than the others we were debating on but it is closer to the city (Whitby over Bowmanville) and the property taxes are a good $500 a year less (not that that really makes MUCH of a difference but every little bit helps! LOL).

Here is the listing:




  1. It’s really nice! Good luck!!

    Where in Whitby is this located?

    We might end up being neighbours 🙂


    • Thanks Stef.

      It is just off of Brock. Do you know the Tim Hortons on Brock between Hwy 2 and Rossland? The subdivision is just north of that.

      • Thats a nice area!

        We are going to be off of Brock but North of Taunton. Where the new Walmart and Superstore are.

      • Ahhhh, I LOVE that area!!! We actually looked at a house there a few night ago but they had it in the listing as a 3 bedroom and the owner had converted it to a 2 bedroom…it was HORRIBLE!

        They just opened the Superstore a few days ago..I want to go and check it out!

      • I went on the opening day…HUGE!!
        So big that it hurts your eyes:)

  2. Very nice looking home, I hope you guys get it. When would you close?


    • Thanks Cath.

      We are looking at closing mid May so that we have a few weeks to go in, clean, paint the babies room and move all of our stuff (since we would have the condo till the end of the month).

  3. I am sooo jealous of you possibly getting that house. There is no way we could get something that nice for that low of a price out here. Our house prices are rediculous!!! Even townhouses that are that new and that nice start at about 245,000.
    Good luck – I hope they take your offer!

    • Thanks Deanna!

      Are you right in the city? Because this place in reference to Toronto (where this same place would probably cost in the $250,000 range) is about 35-40 minutes East.

      If we wanted to go another 20 minutes East, we probably could have gotten a house that was fully detatched for the same price.

      • No I too am not in the city. I currently live over an hours drive from the city – that is on the freeway. Here the houses and townhouses are slightly less expensive than where I really want to live about 40 minutes from Vancouver. There townhouses definately start at 240-250. Here they are a little cheaper and if you can settle for an older need lots of work home then you can usually find one for about 250,000. In the closer location you are looking minimum 275,000 closer to 300,000 for a decent house in a decent area that is old and needs some work.

        It is sad. Vancouver and surrounding area has one of the highest house prices in all of Canada and yet we get paid no more than anywhere else!

      • YIKES! That is expensive. Here, for $275-$300 40 minutes from the city you could get something over 2000 square feet and brand new for sure.

      • Yeah it sucks! Liek I said I am sooo jealous! Everything new here and approximately 2000 sq feet starts well into the 300,000 range – more like 350,000

  4. I have my fingers crossed for you – let us know as soon as you hear – we can help you guys move again if you need us, as in mid-May you’ll be out of commision for lifting and moving things.

    • Thanks! We will take all of the help we can get! LOL

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