Posted by: mommyq | March 10, 2005

23 Weeks

Well, it has beeen quite a week!

If you take anything from this story, if you don’t or never have…get a copy of your credit report on a regular basis and check it through. I do this once per year and I STILL got bit in the a$$.

So, here is the long sordid story:

Our mortgage guy did our pre-approval back in November and gave us the OK on amount etc. So, last week when we phoned, he used all of the information that he had to process the approval (including my November credit report) and everything went through. However, since our downpayment is less than 25% he had to send it to CMHC to approve the insurance on the mortgage. So, CMHC processed everything and this included running a NEW copy of my credit report which now contains an R9 item from 1996 that is shown as written off. This is obviously an error as it was not previously on my report and dates back to 1996. So, I have been in contact with Equifax and with the credit company that put it on to get this resolved. However, these people move at the speed of a snail and this will not be resolved for another 10-15 business days. So, we had to remove the offer on the house as we were unable to lift the financing condition by the deadline. Hopefully it will still be available by the time we get this all sorted out but if not, we will have to start the house hunting process ALL over again.

On to the good news, I am now 23 WEEKS!!!

You are now 23 weeks pregnant which is the beginning of week 24. Your baby has grown to be about 28 cm long (or 11.2 inches) and approximately 600 grams in weight (or 1 lb 5 oz). Your baby may now be big enough for your partner (or others) to feel your belly and sense them kicking and stretching!

Many women notice that their baby tends to be noticeably more active when they are resting, perhaps because when a pregnant woman is active, her body naturally ‘rocks’ her baby to sleep. Your baby now has definite sleep and wake patterns (although they may sleep up to 95% of the time) and now have REM (or rapid eye movement), which indicates they may be dreaming!

Your baby can now rotate their head and could experience hiccups (also spelt ‘hiccoughs’). Hiccups are caused by the sudden, irregular contractions of their immature diaphragm (the muscle that supports their lungs) and while they may be capable of sporadic hiccoughs as early as 12 weeks gestation, they are generally stronger and more rhythmic by this stage. Some unborn babies hiccup quite frequently. This may be sensed by the mother as small, regular ‘jumps’ in their belly every now and then for short periods of time. A very strange sensation! This is very normal (but does not happen with all babies).

Your baby is now covered with a thick layer of white vernix cream to protect their skin in their watery environment and they now have sweat glands. A fine layer of fat is now forming between their muscle tissues and skin. This covers their blood vessels and makes their complexion look less translucent.

Your uterus inches out above your belly button, as you get more rounded. Your “innie” belly button sticks out. You gain the most weight in the second trimester: 12-14 pounds.

Are you 23 weeks pregnant? Check out’s week by week calendar to learn more about you and your baby.



  1. Oh no! That really sucks! After watching a story on CBC’s W5 about credit reports we looked up ours last week and made sure everything was correct. I guess they really do make big mistakes! I hope the house is still available when the company is done fixing the problem.

    • Yeah, my mortgage guy explained that this is more common if you have a common name but it can happen to everyone. It just peeves me off because I have been so good at checking every year. I checked it in July of last year and it was fine.

  2. Oh Sue, I am so sorry. What a pain in the butt. šŸ˜¦
    I am praying that the house is still available and the it gets sorted out in time…

    • Thanks. As much as I want it, I really do hope that the couple is able to sell soon. They bought something last weekend and I am not sure when they are moving.

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