Posted by: mommyq | March 21, 2005

3D/4D Ultrasound a bit of a bust!

Patrick and I our in BIG TROUBLE!! Our dear Sydney is the most STUBBORN little thing we have ever seen!

We were unable to get any pictures in 4D and were only able to get 1 semi-decent (if you can even call it that) shot in black and white:

Firstly, her head is so far down in my pelvic area this made it difficult to get a good picture. My tech said that it was the WORST position for US as there is not much room and not a lot of fluid surrounding the baby to get a good shot.

Secondly, she was moving CONSTANTLY. The tech’s exact words were…”in my 20 years of doing this, I have NEVER seen a more active baby”! LMAO GREAT!! So basically, before the 4D could get into focus, she was gone.

And finally, if she was able to get a good view, Sydney would throw her hands up in front of her face before she could snap off a shot!

The tech tried and tried for 1/2 an hour at moving Sydney, moving me, trying all of her tricks to get us 1 decent shot but…..NO LUCK.

The only thing Sydney allowed us to see for CERTAIN was her girl parts! There was no mistaking her little labia as she showed them to us clear as day! LMAO



  1. Loved seeing Sydney on DVD over the weekend!! Even if it was just her girly parts! LOL!!

    I wonder where she gets the stubborn from?? LMAO!!

    • The scary part is…both Pat and myself can be VERY stubborn so we are in serious doo doo with this little one! LMAO

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