Posted by: mommyq | March 30, 2005


Good news to update today!

I got the call yesterday from Wells Fargo (previously Trans Canada Credit) that they have completed their investigation and sent the request to Equifax and Trans Canada Credit to have this item REMOVED from my credit report!!!!!

At first I tried to have them remove it based on the fact that IT WASN’T MINE but, that didn’t work as the department I was dealing with was relentless on this and wouldn’t listen to the fact that this only became an item on my report in January of 2005. So, I went with the next best thing…I found errors in their data. Based on everything they sent me, this item was a purchase from October of 1996. Then, in December of 1997, Trans Canada Credit wrote off this amount and no updates were made on this file after that date. However, on my Equifax credit report, the last date of activity was entered as Februrary 2001. So, based on a last date of activity of December 1997, the 6 year rule applies and this item MUST be removed from my credit report. So, instead of harping on the “it wasn’t me” which was getting me nowhere fast, I decided to go this route and it paid off!!

We also received a call yesterday from our real estate agent that there is an offer in on our property and the new owners would like to purchase our home inspection that we had done so we get some money back on it. So, I am taking that to mean that Stokely was just not meant to be and that something better will come along!

So, I guess it is back to house hunting!!!!!!



  1. Or, it could mean that now is the time to get in there and bid just slightly above them? Assuming you want the place THAT badly!

    • Nah, we have already found a few others that we like so the new people can have it! LOL

  2. Sue thats great…
    I am glad everything worked out.
    Happy house hunting I am sure you will find something amazing.

    Teta Mila

    • Thanks Teta!

      It worked out well because now is actually a better time for house hunting as their is more available. We probably won’t move now before the baby but we figure a few months after which shouldn’t be a problem.

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