Posted by: mommyq | March 31, 2005

26 Weeks

I cannot believe how quickly time is starting to fly again! I am at 26 weeks which means I have only 14 WEEKS TO GO! We are also now down to double digits with 99 DAYS TO GO! YIKES! We booked our pre-natal classes this week and they start in May and are every Saturday from 1-3:30 for 5 weeks! The great part is, the last pre-natal class is the empathy ballet where the guys get to don the belly and dance around for us so they learn what it is like to carry all that extra weight! HA!

Sydney has been getting SO active. Part of me loves it because feeling her move lets me know that all is OK but some times she moves so much that it feels like I have a load of laundry going on in my belly! For a while, I was having a hard time sleeping at night because of all the movement. SO, now, every night before we go to bed, Patrick gives her the little talk…it is very cute. He says, “Sydney, this is daddy. We need to settle down now because it is sleep time and mommy needs her rest!” The whole time he is talking he rubs my belly. The funny thing is..since he has started doing it…I sleep SO much better at night!

We also went on the hospital tour last week and got to see the labour and delivery. A lot of the tour didn’t apply to me as we are using a midwife but it was nice to see the rooms. Those using OBs have to call in and then go to an examination area before they are admitted to see if they should be admitted or sent home. However, with the midwife, she comes to our house when I start labour and does all of the exams etc. before we leave so we already know leaving that it is time for the hospital. So, we are directly admitted before we get there. The L & D rooms were really nice AND they all have a shower stall in the bathroom. I think this is fantastic because I am such a shower junkie I would think labouring in the shower would feel great. They also have a Jacuzzi but only 1 for the floor so it is first come first serve type deal. But, I think I am like the shower idea better. The only bad news is that Markham Stoufville doesn’t do walking epidurals. Just another reason for me to try my best not to get the drugs. I just cannot imagine being confined to a bed for any long length of time whithout being able to get up and walk around.

So, enough babbling from me:

Your baby’s developed oil and sweat glands are now functioning. Her fingernails, toenails, eyebrows and eyelashes are now fully present and will continue to grow until birth. The fetus can respond to sound and can hear you and those around you. Although we assume that the uterus is a quiet place, the baby has been surrounded by noise for a long time. Things like your heartbeat, digestion, other body functions and external noises are heard by the baby. In fact, you may feel the baby jump at a sudden noise. Your baby is now about 14 inches and weighs a little under two pounds.

The uterus also allows some light to be seen so your baby is aware of light and dark. Your baby’s skin is wrinkled and translucent and may have a reddish color due to the presence of dermal blood vessels. Veins are visible through your baby’s skin, although it is quickly changing from transparent to opaque. The following months will see increase in body fat. The lungs continue to mature with the development of “air sacs” and begin to secrete surfactant (a substance that will help your baby’s lungs expand at birth. At this stage of development the various organs have formed. About 4 out of 10 babies born now may survive (with intensive care services).

As your baby continues to grow you will often find yourself with aches and pains from the pressure. These include back pain, pelvic pain and even pain in your sides or ribs. The best thing to do when this happens is to change your position or move around for a little while. Often, your movement is enough to cause baby to move thus releases the pressure and relieving the pain.

Finding a comfortable position for sleeping may feel like mission impossible! Between all the time spent going from the bed to the bathroom or kitchen you are going to need to get as much rest as possible. If you need to, invest in a body pillow to help you get into a comfortable position and it will help in supporting your legs and growing belly. Also, don’t be afraid to nap during the day if you need to.

Your fundal height has reached approximately 2 to 2 ½ inches above your navel.

Are you 26 weeks pregnant? Check out’s week by week calendar to learn more about you and your baby.



  1. 26 weeks already!!!??? Man, time is flying!

    Just make sure that when you are in labour, you line up at the jacuzzi so you can get “dibs”!! LOL!!

    99 days is just too long to wait for Sydney!! I want to see her ASAP! 🙂

    • I want to see her ASAP as well…it is all that other stuff that scares the pee pee out of me! LOL

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