Posted by: mommyq | April 4, 2005

At least we know she is fiesty!!

So, the funniest thing happened this weekend! It was Friday night and we were getting settled in bed. Patrick went to say goodnight to his daughter and give her the usual talk so he puts his face right on my belly and says “Sydney, it’s time to go to bed now….” when she lets out with a KICK. She kicked her father in the eye!! LMAO It was such a strong kick my whole belly was just shaking and he recoiled in sock! I could not stop laughing because I knew it was going to happen one of these days! The last few night he still gives belly kisses but he stays a wee distance when he is chatting with her! HA HA HA!

We went over to see Madalaine on Saturday night for her birthday. I cannot believe that she is 8 years old! Man, how quickly time flies! Vee ended up digging up the old camcorder and we spent the night watching the tape from when she was born!!! It seems like just yesterday!

On another exciting note…I did my first load of baby laundry and so we now have some wonderful smelling baby things to put away!!! I am in love with baby socks! They are the smallest and cutest things I have ever seen! I am also in awe with newborn diapers. I was looking at one last night and can not believe that we will be bringing something home that is small enough to fit its bum in those diapers! Scary and exciting all at the same time!



  1. You are going to have your hands full Suzie!!! She’s a feisty one! 😉

    Sounds like a great weekend!

    • I know. But, I guess at the end of the day, I would rather have a daughter that is feisty over one that will be a push over.

      I cannot wait to meet her!!!!!

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