Posted by: mommyq | April 7, 2005

27 Weeks

So, the GD test went ok yesterday. The results will be sent to my midwife so I am guessing if there is a problem, I will hear within the next few days and if not, I will probably get the results at my appointment next Thursday. For convenience sake we went to Scarborough General to get the bloodwork done and OH MAN I love my hospital. I mean, Scarborough General is MUCH nicer now that they have renovated but I still love the coziness and warmth of Markham Stoufville. They gave me the orange stuff to drink and then I had to wait the hour to get my blood drawn but for some strange reason they asked us not to leave so we were stuck sitting in the very uncomfortable waiting area. Then, I got stuck with this not so nice german nurse. Basically, I have small veins and very sensitive skin so taking blood is always a challenge. Over the years, we have found that in order to take blood and cause the least amount of pain and bruising, it is a butterfly needle into a VERY pronounced vein in my hand. So, I told the gestapo this and she pretty much brushed me off and started checking my arm. As predicted, she decided to use the vein in my hand (SHOCKING) but, because she had already prepped a regular needle she used that instead of a butterfly. YUCK! So, I have some bruising and the area around where she took blood is still tender but at least she didn’t poke around in my arms like others have done. I just cannot understand why some techs have trouble LISTENING to the patient. Yes, you are the trained professional but I know my body and I know my blood giving history so LISTEN to what I have to say!

In other exciting news, Pat was able to feel the baby MOVE yesterday. He has felt her kicks but yesterday he could actually feel her tossing and turning: We were waiting for the elevator at the hospital and I felt a bit of a jut out on the right side so I put my hand on it. I felt at first a heartbeat which I am not sure if it was mine her hers because it was so brief and then I could feel her moving under my skin so I immediately put Pat’s hand on the spot and his eyes bugged out of his head! LOL It was so weird to be able to feel movement from the outside. It was like feeling ripples on the water when there is something swimming underneath!

Oh well..enough babble…on to the update!!!

27 WEEKS!!

You are now 27 weeks pregnant which is the beginning of week 28. Your baby is about 37cm long (or 14.8 inches) and weighs about 1,100 grams (or 2lb 7 oz). Many babies of this gestation like to lie in a breech position(or bottom down, head up). For most women , the uterus will now encroach on their ribcage and lungs, often causing breathlessness, even while just sitting and talking.

Your baby is now developing their immune system, as your natural antibodies pass to them through the placenta. They are now capable of starting to coordinate their ‘suck and swallow’ action that will be needed for them to drink milk after being born. However, this reflex is not fully mature until 32 to 34 weeks. Your baby may look around and is capable of distinguishing light from dark and tracking movement.

Babies born at 27 weeks or less are regarded as ‘extremely premature’. However, only 9% of all premature babies are born at less than 28 weeks gestation. In recent years, modern advances in technology have increased the health and survival rates of babies born this early. Babies born at around 27 to 28 weeks gestation have about a 75 to 85% chance of survival, if they have access to specialized care and a fully equipped intensive care nursery.

Are you 27 weeks pregnant? Check out’s week by week calendar to learn more about you and your baby.



  1. Those Blood Takers

    I have the same problem with my veins. I have one good on one the outside of my left arm but I found a couple great venipuncturist that I use all the time. When I go to the blood clinic in Scarborough I ask for Alice and when I go to the one next to the mall, I ask for Julie. Otherwise, they have to try 8 or 9 times and always go to the same spot cause they don’t listen to me…

    You’re certainly getting close – only a couple more months to go. How lucky for Pat to be able to feel Sydney from the outside. My cousin was born last year at 28 weeks and he’s now one of the happiest and healthiest one year olds I’ve ever met…

    • Re: Those Blood Takers

      It is such a great relief to know that every day, little Syd’s chances of surviving outside of the womb get better and better.

      As much as I am dying to meet her though, she needs to cook for a little while longer! 😀

      • Re: Those Blood Takers

        Hi Sue,

        I don’t know what your e-mail address is at home. Can you e-mail me at work at


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