Posted by: mommyq | April 14, 2005

28 Weeks

Lets see if I can get this update posted BEFORE I lose it this time!!!

Things have been going GREAT! I am 28 weeks today and am feeling pretty good. I get your usual aches and pains and feets in ribs but all is good. I had my first dream last night where Syd was born so now I am even more anxious about her arrival. Cannot wait and 12 weeks seems like FOREVER!!! The funny thing I remember from my dream is the first night we got her home from the hospital she slept through the night (wishful thinking) and I woke up with a panic in the morning wondering why she didn’t get up for a feeding! LOL

Her movements are starting to get even more pronounced now and her kicks and punches are getting stronger. Yesterday, she kicked me hard enough that my entire belly shook on the outside! We are having fun feeling the various “parts” and trying to figure out what they are and what position she is in. It is getting easier by the day. For example, today, we think my darling daughter has her fist balled up and shoved down around my pelvic bone. We both felt it and both guessed the same thing.

So, update on my GREAT midwife appointment today! I actually am DOWN 2lbs from last month which puts me at 8lbs total gain. My midwife was fine with it as the baby is measuring perfectly at 28 weeks and my belly is getting BIGGER! Basically, we think it is due to my eating habits. Syd has been putting pressure on my stomach so I have been eating very small meals more frequently through the day so I am guessing that I am getting fewer calories and burning them more efficiently! My blood pressure was again a perfect 120/80. I guess pregnancy agrees with me because before being pregnant, my BP always measured in at 140/80 or so. Got to hear Syd’s heartbeat and she must have been laying perfectly because it was the loudest and strongest I have EVER heard it! All in all, it was a good appointment. Stupid Scarborough General has not yet sent in the results of my GD test from last week so my midwife has to follow up. But, she is of the thought that no news is good news and if the results were high, they would have called her instead of just sending them through. Also, now that I am 28 weeks, my appointments go from monthly to every two weeks! So, I have my next appointment at 30 weeks. Moving and shaking!!!


Mommy Note: I am now officially in the THIRD trimester! So, two thirds of this pregnancy have PASSED! WOW. It is also comforting to know that as the weeks progress, Syd’s chances of survival out of the womb get better and better. At 28 weeks, 9 out of 10 babies born will survive!

Your baby weighs about 2.4 pounds (1100g). This is an amazing growth compared to just 11 weeks ago, when it weighed only about 3.5 ounces (100g) at 17 weeks of pregnancy. Your baby has increased its weight more than 10 times in 11 weeks. In the last 4 weeks, from the 24th week of your pregnancy to this week, its weight has doubled. Your baby is growing rapidly! Crown-to-rump length is close to 10 inches (25cm). Total length is 15.75 inches (35cm). Until this time, the surface of the baby’s developing brain has appeared smooth. At around 28 weeks of pregnancy, the brain forms characteristic grooves and indentations on the surface. The amount of brain tissue also increases. Your baby’s eyebrows and eyelashes may be present. Hair on the baby’s head is growing longer. The baby’s body is becoming plumper and rounder. It’s beginning to fill out a little because of increased fat underneath the skin. Before this time, the baby had a thin appearance.

Are you 28 weeks pregnant? Check out’s week by week calendar to learn more about you and your baby.




    That is terrific! It’s getting very close now – I can’t believe that you are already in your THIRD trimester – that’s 3 out of 3. Wow.

    Glad to hear that your appointment went well. I’m sure that everything will be fine with the GD test – your midwife had a good point.

    Soon little Sydney won’t have enough room to move too much and you’ll start to feel less of her.

    • Re: GREAT NEWS!

      Yup, time has flown! I just hope it continues to do so!!!

  2. Wow, it sounds so exciting! I can’t wait till that’s me 🙂 (hopefully one day soon)!

    I can’t wait to meet Syd! It will be so nice to have another baby in the family, and this one is my God Daughter so I just can’t wait.

    Make sure you call me when you are in the hospital ok, I really want to be there :). The next 3 months will go by so fast, because spring & summer months just have a tendancy to fly right by.

    We’re still on for tomorrow night right?……Just confirming….7pm?


    • I am sure it will be one day soon! Syd needs another partner in crime!!

      Of course we will call. Markham Stoufville has a NICE big and comfortable main lobby! LOL

      We are good to go for tomorrow night! We are looking forward to pigging out on some seafood! (and getting together with you guys of course! HA HA)

      • Yes, I’d love it if Sydney and future Baby Nicholov were close 🙂

        Okay so we’ll see you guys at 7pm tomorrow night (and I’ll do my BEST to make sure the man of the house is on time) haha.


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