Posted by: mommyq | April 21, 2005

Long DAY!

Yesterday was such a long day but we got so many thing accomplished! Pat was off work so we decided to spend the day out and get some errands done. First we had to take the car in for service and it ended up needing a TON of stuff done to it so they rented us a car and sent us on our way. It ended up costing a fortune as car repairs always do but, it needed to be done!

We went to Babies R Us as we had heard that the stroller we wanted was being recalled so we wanted to take a look and see if we could find another that we liked. Turned out that it was only the model sold in the states that was recalled! I also wanted to find a mattress for the cradle that we have. This was a harder task than expected because NOBODY sells mattresses for cribs. We went to Babies R Us, Bonnie Toggs, Wal-mart and Sears and NADA.

We also confused ourselves about the crib bedding! We had originally wanted Blossom:

but it is only available in the states and we would have to either order it online and take our chances that we like it in person or go to the states one weekend and purchase it down there.

So, we decided to see what bedding was offered here and OMG what a horrible selection!

We both liked this one that can be ordered through Bonnie Togs:

or the only one at Babies R Us which was REMOTELY nice was this:

which I don’t really like at all.

So, I am not really sure where else to look. I have been keeping an eye out at Winners and Home Sense but nothing really great has jumped out at me yet.

On to other news, we start our pre-natal classes this weekend which is really exciting. The coach sent me a questionnaire that we have to fill out and bring to the first class to find out what we want to get out of the course etc. etc. Pat already knows that I am waiting for the last day of classes where he gets to wear the belly and dance around!!! It will be the highlight for sure!

Well, I should go and make my morning tea and get some stuff done!



  1. Yay for getting errands done!

    I thought I would suggest getting a piece of foam cut at a foam store for the cradle – you could then make a plastic cover for it and it would fit perfect.

    • That is a great idea!!! Thanks for the tip!

  2. I really like the one from Babies R Us. It’s cute. The other one seems too pinky.


    • See, the more I look at this post the more I realize that I really LOVE the first one (the one only available in the States). I don’t think I would be happy with either of the other 2. 😦 So, I think we may have a trip to the US in our future! LOL

      • I agree that the first one is the nicest. Why don’t you just order it online instead of driving there? Just try to order it from somewhere where you can return it if you don’t like it. You’re going to be uncomfortable sitting in the car for so long if you have to drive there.

        P.S: How’s Patrick doing? Don’t say too much in your reply cause there’s one person that reads your journal that I don’t want to know about the “incident” (I think you know who I’m talking about) – haha


      • Hi Everyone,

        Don’t worry about what I wrote above, it’s just a joke between me and Sue. It’s in no way a personal attack on anyone or anything like that. I was just trying to be funny 🙂


      • I was very hurt and offended. Kidding 🙂 Why the apology? You’re so cute!!

      • Cath, you are toooooo funny!! LMAO

        Pat is good. No foaming at the mouth yet!! LOL

  3. Sue, I REALLY like the first one!! Could you order it and get it shipped to you from the states??

    • I’m leary about ordering online because I have never seen it in person and am afraid that it won’t be as nice once I get it.

      • have you checked out beddding at Home outfitters, Sears, the Bay, and Zellers yet? What about Ikea? They might have stuff. Also maybe something at Once Upon a Child?

        As for mattresses, why not contact crib manufacturers and ask them where you can buy crib mattresse. They must know who you can buy the accessories for their products. Especially one this important.


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