Posted by: mommyq | April 26, 2005

Not a good day. :(

So, it turns out that I failed my screening test for gestational diabetes so on Friday, I went in for the 3 hour glucous tolerance test and JUST got the results.

I have Gestational Diabetes! I have an appointment with the GD department at Markham Stouffville on Monday and because my results were not THROUGH THE ROOF, it doesn’t look like I will need to have insuline shots. First, they will attempt to control the GD with a specialized diet so that is good news!!

Other than the crappy news, I did have a great MW appointment today:

BP: 122/85
Babies HB: 150 BPM
Weight: 4lbs since last appointment so 10lbs total



  1. Sorry to hear that 😦


    I’m so sorry to hear that. At least it’s not bad enough for the shots -and can be controlled with diet. I’ve been on the same diet for about 2 months now – in an effort to get things right – it’s not too bad.

    At least everything else has gone well, especially the MW appointment!

    • Re: Sorry to hear that 😦

      I’m sorry to hear that you got some bad results. But it’s true, at least it can be controlled right now with diet. Keep me posted.


      • Re: Sorry to hear that 😦

        Thanks Cath! Will do!

    • Re: Sorry to hear that 😦

      Yeah, from what I have read, it basically involves making sure that you don’t eat carbs alone and that you always have some protein with it.

  2. Sorry to hear that Sue!! 😦

    Glad the rest of your appt went well. Does that mean that you are going to be getting tons of u/s to peek in on little Sydney?? That could be a nice silver lining to the GD. (trying to find an upside) 😉

    • I am not sure..I would guess that I have at least a few U/S in my future. I am still able to stay with my MW for appointments etc. but I will be consulting with an OB in the next week or so so, I should know more.

      The other upside is that we may see Sydney earlier than expected as they will often induce moms with GD so the baby doesn’t have a chance to get too big.

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