Posted by: mommyq | May 2, 2005

I’m a SICKO! :(

Well, Saturday I lost the battle with the twinges and pings I have been getting in my ears and throat for weeks. I officially have an ear infection and it is NOT nice.

We had our second pre-natal class on Saturday and it was GREAT. The first class we covered the various stages of labour and all of the signs of labour and how it is progressing. Saturday we got to be a bit more hands on and learned some breathing techniques and various positions to try during labour. The coaches also learned some back massage techniques and then we gave each other hand massages! It was NICE.

My ear was swollen from the morning and I was starting to have a heard time hearing so we went to the After Hours Clinic on the way home. It was a nice 2 hour wait to see the doctor but certainly beat the 6 hour wait of the ER. Thankfully, the antibiotic used to treat this ear infection was one that is safe in pregnancy. However, I think it may have moved to my outer ear as well because as I type this, my ear is COMPLETELY plugged. The doc said it would take 24 hours but they always lie so I will give it till the end of today and if I am not feeling better by morning, I will go back and get them to give me some drops as well.



  1. Oh no Sue!!

    Hope the antis kick in for you soon!

    Love Dane 🙂

    • Thanks Dane,
      I am sure the antibiotics are helping but it really doesn’t feel like it! LOL The infection feels like it has gone into my throat and I am now really STUFFY.

      I guess I just have to wait for it to run its course and hope to heck that I feel better soon!

  2. Oh Sue, I can’t believe it’s worse since yesterday. I was hoping it would have been better by today 😦

    Is it just me or are you having an awful time of it lately? 🙂 Hang in there, Syd will be here soon 🙂


    • Yes, just over 9 weeks and COUNTING! LOL Hopefully even sooner than that!

  3. Ear Infection?


    I’m so sorry — Another Ear Infection? I hope you feel better soon – at least they were able to give you something that works and is safe for Syd.

    • Re: Ear Infection?

      Yeah, I guess they say once you have had a REALLY bad ear infection, you become more prone to getting them. 😦

  4. At least you are able to take something for it. Feel Bettterrrr!!!


    • Thanks Stef!!!

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