Posted by: mommyq | May 3, 2005

My meeting with the GD clinic…

Well, I now know more about diabetes than I ever thought I would! LOL At my appointment yesterday, I was supposed to be meeting with a nurse and the dietitian. However, the dietitian had a family emergency so I have to go back on Wednesday to go over the diet and eating part.

The nurse was nice and did cover some of the food basics but she was there to explain WHAT GD is and, for those of you that are curious like me:

Regular diabetes involves the pancreas and its ability or lack thereof to create enough insulin and insulin is used to take sugar from the blood into the cells. With gestational diabetes, there is nothing wrong with the pancreas (which is why it only lasts during pregnancy)…the problem is the placenta. In some women, the placenta will produce a hormone that blocks the insulin your body creates from entering the bloodstream and doing its job. So, once the placenta is delivered, the hormone stops being produced and the pancreas takes over doing its job properly.

I was given a free blood monitor yesterday and will have to take a reading 4x per day…first thing in the morning and then 1 hour after breakfast, lunch and diner. I have already taken 4 readings since yesterday which were all a little high but, the nurse told me that this is expected as infection actually increases your blood sugar naturally. LUCKY ME! So, once I kick this infection we should be able to get a better reading on what my blood sugar is really like.

I am still feeling pretty crappy and am now also nice and stuffed up. I have not had my shower this morning yet so I am hoping that it will help with the congestion!


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